Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Travelling to Cologne, Germany today to hang out for a few days. Haven’t planned any details, but will go with the flow like I usually do.

Really an uneventful day. Which is a good thing I guess. I needed a haircut and got a recommendation from the doorman on where to go. It was a placed named, “Classic” and while it didn’t look classic (looked like a standard men’s barber shop), I’m very happy with the result. The guy who cut my hair helped me put on my coat, which was classy.

At St. Pancras Station I had time for coffee and a sandwich before leaving London. You can see that my suitcase, bag and coat are where they should be. I had a white coffee and a sandwich.

After we got underway and headed for the English Channel, I took a picture of a monitor that showed how fast we were going. The KPH (Kilometers per Hour) varied between 220 – 300 most of the way.

When I exited the train at Brussels I saw someone who locked their bags to the luggage rack. First time I’ve seen that. Most everyone puts their luggage on the rack, which may be quite a ways from where they are sitting.

All connections worked out as planned. No delays or issues. I’m still on “high alert” and pay attention to everything when I travel because its easy to get turned around or on the wrong train. Had a one hour layover in Brussels, where I stayed for a few weeks last year. Amazing that the train station layout came back to me.

After I got off the train in Cologne, I saw a number of people sitting on the steps of the Dominican Church of St. Andrew. It must be a “thing” where you show up at night. I’ll check it out later, but took a picture as a reminder.

Getting to the hotel was interesting. My GPS was at first showing me heading in the direction of the hotel, then showed I was walking away. (Maybe I was tired?) I knew it was very close to the train station so asked someone to point me in the right direction. Later, I was looking at my GPS location on Google Maps in my room and saw it moving around. I made a note of this in case it happens again.

Tomorrow I’m visiting some of the local sites in Cologne and for Sunday, I’d like to take a boat trip up (or down) the Rhine which goes through the city. It has been raining in the area but the weather forecast shows it will be improving.


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