Friday, 25 August 2017

Last day in Newburg. After Paula and I got ready and packed, we took a walk around the Victoria Park across the street then had breakfast at the tea shop along the canal. This was the same place where we had tea on Wednesday. Food was terrific and we enjoyed watching the swans and ducks play in the canal while we ate. What a great way to start the day and to have an interesting traveling companion to enjoy it with made it more even more special.

Paula saw first-hand how particular I am when leaving an Airbnb. And thankful that she is the same way. I just can’t leave any mess when I leave a place. I’d like to think we were staying in a friend’s home and would like to show respect to the host. Our mom taught us this when we were traveling and also Uncle Glenn and Aunt Polly when we went camping – always clean up after yourself and don’t leave it for someone else to do it for you. There was a time, somewhat recently, when I was so dogged tired at the end of the day, that I just left clothes where they were before going to bed.

Paula arranged for a taxi and he got us to the station with enough time to catch the next train. In about an hour we were back in London. After we said our good-byes, I took a taxi to Prean and Viktor’s where I’ll stay for the next few days while they are out of town.

When I arrived at their flat I saw someone at the kitchen table on a conference call with his PC open and two screens active. We made a quick introduction then he finished up his call. I was expecting to perhaps see the housekeeper getting my bed and the flat ready, but who was this guy? He was there, with Prean’s okay, because he could hook up an extra monitor to work on his project. Then saw the housekeeper and we sorted everything out. I had to run an errand and eat a little lunch and they will finish up and be out of the flat when I returned.

After a nap I did some shopping, took a shower and finished unpacking. I met up with my friend Zsolti later on. When I eventually went to bed was too tired to sleep. (Yes, that is possible.) I got up and did more travel planning and read about the hurricane in Texas – then was ready to sleep.

Tomorrow I’m planning to visit the British Museum. I know it will take a few days to walk through it, but will see as much as I can before I leave later this coming week.


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