Wednesday, 23 August 2017

After a good night’s sleep I woke up hungry. It wasn’t long before I was downstairs standing in the breakfast buffet line. Maybe my eyes were too big and  I really loaded up my plate. Was justified because I knew we would still be traveling on the train during lunchtime and would need the extra nourishment? (Also had a bowl of Special K.)

Was an interesting view from the lounge into Paddington. (The Hilton is connected directly to the station.) Watching the people, mostly leaving for work. A guilty pleasure being retired is observing others heading to their jobs.

Thought I had plenty of time between breakfast and when I to meet Paula. But after I published my update from yesterday, showering and packing it was 11:15 and still needed to check out. Timing was perfect for meeting Paula at 11:30.

We are getting good at buying our train tickets. We were through the line before we realized it and on the train soon after that, then in Newburg in about an hour. Our Airbnb check-in time was 2:00 which gave us time for a quick lunch. I asked the host’s helper if she could come by where we were having lunch and guide us to the flat. She showed up just as we were finishing.

After a quick tour of the flat we both agreed that it was well-appointed and clean. Quiet too. After we got hooked up to the WiFi I decided to take a nap. Perhaps we will have tea later.

When I got up from my nap, Paula had heard from her friend Sue who will join us later at around 5:00. The three of us will visit Highclere Castle tomorrow.

While waiting for Sue to arrive we walked over to a tea shop located next to the canal. Of course we had cake with our tea. Paula had a carrot cake and I had a lemon drizzle. Many birds in the area. Pigeons, ducks and some swans. Before too long we heard from Sue who just arrived, so we walked back to meet up with her and help her get settled. First time meeting Sue and think we hit it off.

After Sue arrived we talked for about an hour then thought about dinner. We found a place nearby where we could talk and enjoy each other’s company. Also planning our visit to Highclere Castle tomorrow. Up at 6:00 a.m.!


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