Saturday, 19 August 2017

Had a good night’s sleep. Very much appreciate how quiet it is where I’m staying. Sure, I still get up in the middle of the night and have water or orange juice and some fruit or toast before I can go to sleep again. I’m finding that rather than toss and turn, I might as well get up and return to bed when I’m ready for more sleep. I remember sleeping through until morning, but this was when I was still working and only slept for 5, maybe 6 hours a night. I was an early riser and ready for a new day while it was still dark. Used this time to take care of work emails from locations outside the U.S. that were sent while I was sleeping and to plan for the next day at work. Perhaps this is why I now nap when I get the chance.

Once I was up for this day, I used the time for more planning. September is going to be busy and have a number of connections to arrange during this time – trains, planes, and hotels. Also made chicken salad for sandwiches and washed some clothes.

This afternoon I took a walk down to the river, via Starbucks for a Moca, and took my time enjoying the view along and across the river. Took a picture of the Peace Pagoda (located at Battersea Park) from this side of the river. There were very few people along the esplanade today. It really is a great place to walk and I enjoy the views along the way. The weather was off and on along the way and found myself taking on and off my light coat to compensate. Perhaps my imagination, but when the sun comes out it feels warmer and more intense – perhaps because of the higher latitude? I’ll have to check this out.

The coat that I use most often is one I found at REI in Portland. It is a great all-around coat, from Marmot, that is very effective during light rain showers and keeps me warm enough on cooler days. It is holding up well considering how much I wear it. I have it with me on all my flights and train trips regardless of the weather. I can put most everything I need access to while traveling like boarding passes, sunglasses, phone charger, snacks, etc. When I’m on the move, I can be seen with my suitcase, travel bag on top and this jacket pulled through the suitcase handle. I should take a picture and post it here. Now that I have a system, I can find everything quickly, which wasn’t the case when I first started on this adventure. Each airport and train station is different and the last thing I need to do is fumble around looking for something.

Another benefit from having a day without a lot of activity is that I can expand on the content of my daily posts. These are the small, but significant aspects of how I travel that I want to record and want to capture as much of this experience that I can. To share not only with those who read these postings, but for me when I can read later on.

It is now nearly 11:30 and I’m ready to wrap up the day. Before bed I get my coffee ready for the morning and confirm that I’ve made any arrangements needed for the following day.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting up with Paula tomorrow for our visit to Buckingham Palace. (Yes, my second visit there this week.) Perhaps we will meet up with Prean and Viktor for tea later in the afternoon.



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