Friday, 18 August 2017

The morning started off sunny and clear, but as I was drinking coffee and eating my porridge, it started to rain a little, then a downpour. It was a decent downpour and could hear it on my skylight. Was thinking about getting out to do some clothes shopping but the rain, with occasional downpours, continued on throughout the morning.

My porridge is oats (but using the English term porridge) and added boiling water to soften the oats, then milk, cinnamon, and sliced fruit – banana, blueberries, or raspberries. I took a picture of the package to show the price. Yes, £1.00 for the whole package – which is probably 15 – 20 servings. Aside from the cost of the fruit, a very economical breakfast.

While I was inside I used the time to make more travel plans (to be shared later) and to send some financial updates to our attorney to help close out my cousin’s estate. Was challenged with the spreadsheet, that I use to track transactions, at first because I downloaded the spreadsheet from the last email that I sent rather than from my OneDrive. Once I got that sorted out I was fine. The update process to the financials took almost 5 hours (including a self-audit), but got it sent off and felt good that it balanced to the bank accounts.

While I was working on the spreadsheet I started roasting a chicken. But first needed to figure out out how the oven worked. There were only two small knobs on the oven and fortunately found the directions to guide me through the process for the oven setting and the temperature. Prean, a couple of days ago, loaned me a pan to roast the chicken since the kitchen was not well supplied.

Eventually the showers let up and the sun came out. I checked from my balcony that the dark storm clouds had passed then headed outside. I ate some of the freshly made chicken before leaving. By this time it was nearly 4:00.

There is a Marks and Spencer on King’s Road and also Peter Jones by the Sloan Square station. Both stores have men’s clothing that fit men that are not European sized – skinny. King’s Road has a number of stores with men’s clothes, but their sizes do not include the larger sizes.

I had been to the Marks and Spencer (M&S) when I was here in December and found some pants that fit me perfectly. It was like they knew I was going to shop there. I was looking for light weight long-sleeve shirts and maybe some shorts that I can wear when in Germany and Italy next month – since it will likely be warmer than England.

After roaming around for a few minutes I found shirts and shorts that I liked and tried them on. Perfect fit! Well, except for the shorts which were a size 36 rather than 38, but made the switch and all was well. Nice to have new clothes. I’ll donate some shirts to one of the local charity shops before I leave.

The rest of the evening was relaxing and was in bed early. Very happy that this flat is quiet in the evening and I’ve been sleeping very well.

Tomorrow I’m not planning too much. Perhaps meet up with Prean and Viktor who have been away for a few days visiting friends at the southern coast. Good to have the time to relax and enjoy being in London.


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