Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Today I’m planning to visit, again, the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum. So much to see there, as a repository for the British collection and spans centuries of acquisitions. I can only view the collections in small doses since, as I’ve written, I can only absorb so much at a time.

On the way to the museum, I stopped by to make an appointment for a pedicure. I went to this place on King’s Road when I was here in early January and was happy with the results. From there it was an easy walk to the museum which is near the South Kensington Station.

There was a new exhibit on the ground floor that I hadn’t seen. The exhibit showed what people wore from the early 18th century onward. These are actual clothes that people had kept in their personal collection and donated or loaned them to the museum.

From there I went to the top floor and walked through rows and rows of ceramics and glassware. So many pieces in the collection and some, that were not on display, are kept in a sealed room in the center of each of the large display rooms. I looked at a few of the displays but soon got overwhelmed and moved on to the architecture exhibit.

In the architecture exhibit there were displays such as the building of Albert Hall, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Gatwick Terminal. Next I visited rooms containing he funiture collection. At this point I’d been in the museum nearly 90 minutes and I was done and went to the cafe to get some tea to enjoy in the open courtyard.

Someone on Facebook had mentioned they were having a Chinese dinner so, being hungry, I looked for a Chinese restaurant that had take out. Found a place nearby and ordered chicken chow mien. I took the order and went outside and sat on some steps near the Kensington Station, ate the chow mien and people watched.

It was time for my pedicure and walked towards King’s Road. Arrived on time and was out the door in less than 20 minutes. Stopped by Waitrose for a few more groceries and dropped them off in the flat. I still needed to get my haircut and saw there was a place nearby. Also needed some salt and pepper. Since (surprisingly) most Airbnb flats do not provide and I’ve been buying salt and pepper for my cooking. Today I decided to buy the salt and pepper and just take with me going forward. While I was getting my haircut, the guy cutting my hair was asking me all sorts of questions and we talked about traveling and life in America. I’ve never had anyone talk so much while they were cutting my hair – was kind of fun.

By this time I really needed to lay down for a bit. Was still a bit tired from the walking from the day before. The remainder of the evening I answered email and texts, edited pictures, wrote journal entries, and did more trip planning. Also confirmed with Paula which train we’ll take tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Paula and I are taking the train to Rye in East Sussex and exploring this historical village.

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