Sunday, 13 August 2017

Was up at 7:00 a.m. to call Marty. Didn’t sleep well but that was probably due to not being very active yesterday. But I really enjoy taking naps and getting sleep. Think I’m still making up for those years when I was in meetings all day then either doing volunteer work, working out, or other after work activities with friends (or getting ready for three year’s of travel) when there wasn’t much time for sleep. Really a luxury to have time for just me. I probably could devote a daily post to include what I was did to prepare for this adventure. (Yes, I had a project schedule that included tasks and dates.)

Was great to talk with Marty. She and I have been friends for many, many years since we were in high school. She is good about giving me a reality check when needed. We all need someone like that in our lives. It helps to keep me grounded.

Today I’ll meet my driver/tour guide, Dean, at 1:30. Think I had written that he was my taxi driver to the ferry when I left for Isle of Man. He and I got along well, considering it was only a 10 minute ride to the ferry, but knew he would get me around Liverpool and to the locations were “the Fab Four” grew up.

When we met today, we had a quick business meeting. He told me what he would show me, how long it would take and the cost. I agreed and we were on our way.

First stop was the home where George Harrison grew up. Like the rest of the band, he came from humble beginnings. The home and the neighborhood probably hasn’t changed much.

From there we went to Penny Lane. I probably should have listened to the song before going on this tour. Had to trust Dean that he knew what pictures to take. (I’ll listen to the song later.)

Area where the turnaround (mentioned in the song) used to be. The intersection to Penny Lane has changed.

The barber shop from Penny Lane.

Penny Lane

Next was Strawberry Fields. I took several pictures of the gate to Strawberry Fields. Paul and John used to cross through Strawberry Fields, a park, when they were in school at Quarry Bank (The Beatles at one time were known as The Quarrymen.) The original school building is no longer there.) The gate has been used by fans to write messages. Several people were at the gate taking pictures as we arrived.

Just down the street from the gate was the cemetery with the Eleanor Rigby tombstone. Yes, a few people were there also taking pictures. I asked Dean about all these people, and tour buses of people who visit these homes and sites. He says the local people are used to it and don’t mind it at all. I assumed that Paul and John were typical boys and explored the neighborhood in detail and perhaps spent time wandering around this cemetery.

Eleanor Rigby Tombstone

John lived first in a modest home and then when his father left the family, he and his mother moved in with Aunt Mimi who lived in a nice home not too far from his old neighborhood.

John’s First Home

Front Steps

Aunt Mimi’s Home

Marker on Aunt Mimi’s Home

Where John’s mother died in a traffic accident (1958) – almost across from Aunt Mimi’s home.

Paul’s Home

Street Where Paul Lived

Dean then took me to where Ringo used to live. The homes in this area are scheduled to be demolished and are now boarded up. Many people have signed their names and written messages on the boarded up windows and door.

At the end of our tour, I asked Dean if we could drive by Liverpool Cathedral. It sits up on a hill and is visible from many parts of the city.

Tomorrow I leave for London. Dean will be here at 11:15 to take me to the station to catch the 11:47 to London.


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