Saturday, 12 August 2017

Feeling much better today. After breakfast came back upstairs and took a nap. When I woke it was raining hard and people were running for cover. Given that Liverpool is almost on the coast, showers like this are common.

It was a good day to work on my pictures and do some organization and backups. I finally got my pictures from the primary external hard drive uploaded to my OneDrive account. Now all 4,183 pictures taken since June 2016 are safely backed up. I’ve been backing up to my Google Drive account, but not sure if all the pictures have been backed up. Backing up to Google is done “automatically” but have found some gaps in the backup process. Perhaps I prefer to do it myself.

The other outstanding effort has been to respond to people who have questions about family history. I’ve been maintaining family tree records on both sides of my dad and mom’s families with now 1,839 people listed and 253 pictures. This tree is public, but does not include recent generations. This, along with my DNA tests, generate email from people interested in various family lines and to share our research. A fun hobby and have made contact with many near and distant relatives. Some who are now very close friends of mine. I probably did this for about 5 hours until I had to do something else.

Went shopping, but not really looking for anything in particular. Perhaps another lightweight long sleeve shirt or some casual shorts, but didn’t find anything I liked. Picked up a sandwich to eat later. Tried to watch some TV when I got home but couldn’t find anything I liked.

I spoke with Paula on Messenger and we made plans to visit Highclere Castle in a couple of weeks and to meet up when I return to London tomorrow. We might also visit Isle of Wight too. Great adventures are in the works.

Highclere Castle (Look Familiar?)

Then worked on my laptop’s Internet security for about an hour. Was having problems connecting to the Internet via the hotel’s WiFi. Probably because I initiated some tasks that freed up space on my laptop, I could have reset my settings. At last I got everything back to the way it was. Also made plans with my friend Marty to call her tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m.

Tomorrow I’m meeting a driver who will take me to the various sites where The Beatles grew up in Liverpool. That should be fun. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.


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