Thursday, 10 August 2017

Time to move on from Isle of Man and took the ferry back to Liverpool this afternoon. Had the place cleaned and ready to leave by 11:30. Glad I was able to say good-bye to my hosts and tell them how much I enjoyed staying in their flat. They called a taxi for me and was at the ferry terminal about 90 minutes from when it was to leave. Sat at Costa Coffee and ate a brownie and drank a cup of tea.

This time I booked a seat up in the premium section of the boat. It was only £17.50 more and was well worth it. Was served free tea and biscuits. And no children. And a better view from my window seat. It really made the trip go seem to go much quicker.

Before boarding I took a picture of St. Mary’s Isle and another of Douglas from the ship. St. Mary’s Isle (also known as Conister Rock or the “Tower of Refuce”) is a partially submerged reef within Douglas Bay with a castle-like structure built on it. (Quite a story. Well worth time to Google it.)

I sat across from a woman who wasn’t interested in talking – which was fine. Nice to sit there and enjoy looking out over the sea and listening to music. I was playing songs from Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat and whatever random YouTube video popped up. Also walked out to the outside deck where it was both windy and sunny. In a little over two hours we were docking at Liverpool.

From Stern of Ferry

Ferry’Crows Nest and Bridge

I was expecting to take a taxi to the hotel, but couldn’t find any. It was just a little after 5:00 and expect that all the taxis were busy at that time of the day. The hotel was a 15 minute walk away so I rolled my suitcase up the ramp to street level and away I went. Also the way I picked up a sandwich and some fruit for dinner.

Was thinking how much travel my current suitcase has been through in the last 7 months. Probably more trips than most suitcases have in 10 years. I’ve been reading about luggage handlers who have been caught throwing people’s suitcases. From the looks of my suitcase, perhaps mine has been thrown a couple of times.

When I got to my hotel room I realized how drained this mild cold had made me. I unpacked a few things and took a nap. Glad I had the decongestants – think they really worked. Was concerned that I had a mild cough. Tried not to think about getting really sick in a city where I didn’t know anyone. But I knew I needed to keep drinking liquids, taking the decongestants, and getting sleep.

I probably stayed up later than I should have but felt a little better by the time I actually went to bed. Tomorrow I just rest and then enjoy Liverpool for the next couple of days before I travel to London on Monday.


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