Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Woke up this morning to rain showers – which were expected to last most of the morning.  Just like being in Oregon on a rainy day. I had a choice of riding the steam train or taking the bus to Peel, so opted to visit Peel today. From what I understand, the route the Steam Train takes is very scenic and I’d probably would enjoy more if there was a little sun.

Below is the building where I’m staying. I’m on the ground floor which is a few feet below the elevation of the sidewalk. On the floor above is the hotel’s restaurant. The remainder of the building is the hotel.

Savoy Hotel, Douglas. 

After breakfast I took a city bus and then located the main intercity bus stop in Douglas that would take me to Peel. Peel is located across the island. Waited less than 10 minutes from the #6 bus to arrive and we were on our way.

We made several stops in Douglas before we left for Peel. Along the way there were some homes along the road and also more farms, similar to the ones I saw when I road the Electric Railroad on Saturday. In about 30 minutes we entered Peel and I got off at the stop near the harbor.

In the distance towards the sea I could see Peel Castle, the main attraction for the town. Was impressed at the size of the castle and that it has retained, given that it was built starting in the 11th century, much of its shape. I first walked around the castle grounds and admired the view of the sea and the town from the perimeter. Eventually I found the entrance to access the castle’s interior. Guess I was looking for a sign that read, “Entrance” but all I found were some flags on a string leading into a path through the castle’s thick wall. (I can’t expect everything to be clearly marked for me.)

Interesting Link: While looking up how the island and some of the towns got their names, I found this link. A very interesting read.


Peel Castle

View from Castle Wall

Village of Peel

The inside of the castle there was short, soft grass among the ruins. You could see the remains of a church and other building that supported the castle’s activities over the centuries.

View Through the Church

Other Views from Inside the Castle

After walking around for about 10 – 15 minutes I started to get the signs of a migraine. (Couldn’t read the markers that describe various elements within the castle.) I finished up with walking around and headed back to town where I had seen a pub advertising a crab sandwich.

When the sandwich arrived at my table I found the crab meat in a small bowl, two slices of bread, a slice of lemon, and salt and pepper. The server explain that I get to put the sandwich together using the ingredients. So I did. I put half the crab on one slice of bread and the remainder on the other. Squeezed a little lemon on both halves and added some salt and pepper. It really filled me up. Also had some tea with my meal.

So far the migraine hadn’t developed into a full-blown headache and thought I’d better find the bus stop for the bus returning to Douglas. After receiving some directions for several people, I managed to find the stop. I met some fellow travelers who were very interested in this American fellow traveling on the Isle of Man. They had a great sense of humor which helped pass the time until the bus arrived.

After I got on the bus I really started to not feel well. It was not a pleasant ride back to Douglas and couldn’t wait for us to arrive. Thankfully, when I got off the bus I found a taxi who took me straight to my flat where I collapsed on the bed and tried to sleep. After about an hour I felt a little better.

I had tickets that I purchased on Friday for a local production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was playing down the street – about a 10 minute walk away. It was about two hours before the performance was to start and I gradually started to feel well enough to walk to the theater and even had something to eat beforehand.

Actually was good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and the walk to the theater. The weather had cleared and it was turning out to be a very nice evening with a considerable amount of blue sky.

I arrived at the theater, picked up my ticket and found my seat. The people sitting next to me were not very talkative so I got up and walked around before the show started. I made conversation with a woman who was helping people find their seats. We chatted for a bit before the curtain went up.

The first half of the musical was very well done. The cast was made up of some local people and supplemented by talent from off the island. The singing was very good and, since it was only the second night, the dancing I’m sure will improve.

During intermission, after a restroom break, I stood at the back of the theater and started talking with some of the ushers, including the woman who I spoke with earlier. We had some good laughs and helped them pick up empty ice cream cups that were sold during intermission. If not, many people would leave them on the floor and would cause extra work for the ushers at the end of the performance.

On the way out I thanked the women, and the other ushers, for the earlier conversation. I had almost forgotten about my migraine and was feeling almost 100% better as I walked back to the flat. By this time I was nearly ready for bed. I tried to answer email but my brain wasn’t working. Had another bowl of soup while I watched a little television and then went to bed.

Picture of Douglas at Night (Promenade)

Tomorrow’s weather is expected to be much better than today.  I’ll catch an early Steam Train that will take me to the southern part of the island.


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