Wednesday, 2 August 2017

I really didn’t want to leave my room this morning, but needed something to eat so went down to the hotel restaurant for a small breakfast. Then came back upstairs and remarkably went back to bed and slept very soundly for a couple more hours. Guess I must have needed the sleep. (Us retired folk can do things like that.)

Today I had planned to visit the The Beatles Story, buy a ferry ticket from Liverpool to the Isle of Man, and visit The Cavern Club where The Beatles performed. All of these are located around where I’m staying. At around 1:30 I set off by foot to first visit The Beatles Story.

Not sure what to expect at The Beatles Story, but imagined I’d see some memorabilia and things like that. What I found that it really was a story of The Beatles. We walked through various rooms that told their story from when they grew up, their first gigs, and their successes along the way.

First Trip to the U.S.

Eleanor Rigby

There is an excellent walkway along the River Mersey. Along the way you see some interesting boats, like the one pictured below and painted as a tribute to The Beatles.

A boat in the harbor that you can rent looks like the Yellow Submarine.

I suppose the ferry ticket to Isle of Man could have been purchased online, but I had some questions and wanted to speak with a live person. I found the ticket office and was warmly greeted. While waiting for a ticket, a man who was standing nearby gave me some hints about visiting the island. People here are so kind and helpful. Now I have a few questions about Isle of Man’s local currency – the Manx Pound. (Never heard of it.)

Was an easy walk to the Cavern Club and was surprised (but perhaps I wasn’t) about the number of nearby businesses who are capitalizing on The Beatles’ name and popularity. I walked by Hard Days Night Hotel. Really? Not sure if I’d stay overnight in a place with that name. Nice idea though.

The Cavern Club really was named well. It is down several flights of stairs. It looks like the space was expanded, but when you enter the original section you get an excellent idea of what someone 60 years ago would see.

On the way back to the hotel it started to rain. Perhaps a hint that my walking around for the day was about over.

After a nap I went over to the pub across the street. I had seen a buttermilk chicken burger on the posted menu outside that sounded good. It was.

Later in the evening I finally confirmed the dates for my trip to German and Italy. At least those parts where I’m visiting cousins and friends. Now just need to arrange lodging and flights. I may visit London again and depart from there.

Tomorrow I’ll do some more walking around Liverpool. A very walkable city!


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