Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Wow! Can’t believe it is now August. I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather over the past few weeks. Meanwhile, friends and relatives in Oregon are baking in the heat this week. To avoid the heat, I’ve been thinking about visiting the Scandinavian countries next year during the summer months or returning to Ireland.

Last night I made reservations to stay in Liverpool for a few nights then go to Isle is Man which is located between England and Ireland. I’ve been looking into taking a ferry to the island where I’ve found an Airbnb flat in Douglas that is on the beach. I may stay there for a week if I like it there. I’m feeling the need to stay put for at least a week. While I still have the “get up and go” to travel, I find that I don’t have the time to sit back and enjoy my surroundings when I move so often.

This morning I needed to be out of my room by 10:00 a.m. I found this out when I read the room’s introduction manual last night. (Normally I can stay until noon.) I was ready – just needed to out of bed by 8:00. I managed to be up by 8:15 and got busy packing after I had a cup of coffee and some breakfast of crumpets and yogurt. Also, had to say good-bye to my little black bag that I’ve had for nearly a year – there doesn’t seem to be a way to repair the shoulder strap.

It was 10:15 when I left my room with my suitcase, new travel bag and a garbage sack. (We are requested to dump our own trash.) Checkout was quick and my taxi was there to pick me up within 10 minutes. I wanted to get to the bus station early because I had some connections to make and didn’t want to start the journey being late.

My bus took me to the nearest train station where I boarded the train and was on my way to Liverpool, but first I had to make a connection to a train in Wigan and only had 5 minutes between when my train arrived and the Wigan train departed. I made it with about a minute to spare.

Along the way I continued to admire the English countryside and listen to the people talk with each other on the train. It occurred to me that I could hear laughter as people talked. And everyone was very helpful along the way – and this American appreciated it very much. All connections were made and a taxi was waiting for me at the Liverpool train station – about a 10 minute ride to my hotel room. Found out last night that I’m two nights away from becoming a gold tier member. (More discounts and perks!) Right now I was able to upgrade to an executive room with a complementary breakfast.

Paddington Bear in Liverpool

Out my window I could see a “5 Guys” burger place and was looking forward to having an American style burger for dinner. While I eat McDonald’s burgers because the restaurants are everywhere, I really miss a well-made burger with all the trimmings. The last burger that came close to an American burger was in Iceland of all places.

While eating my burger I looked at places to experience the Beatles. The “Beatles Story” (museum) is a few blocks away and the club they used to play at is nearby as well. Liverpool surprised me with the number of old buildings and creative architecture with the new ones. Also noticed that younger people like the “grunge” look – many torn pants, piercings and tattoos. International Beatleweek 2017 is in a couple of weeks – should I come back here after I visit Isle of Man?

I noticed the sunset outside and took a couple of pictures. Think I’m really going to enjoy my stay here. Very quiet for being in the downtown area of Liverpool.

Sunset in Liverpool

Also, received a message from friends who will be in Munich around the first part of September, so will meet up with them before I travel to Italy – eight hours away by train and thinking that I’ll break the travel into two days and visit a stop along the way. Perhaps also visit some cousins in German too while in their neighborhood.



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