Sunday, 30 July 2017

Got up and got ready to look around my new neighborhood. Decided to walk down to the lake, Derwentwater. I’m staying in the “suburb” of Keswick named Portinscale, as shown on the second map below. The lake is just down the road from where I’m staying.

General Area of Keswick 

Portinscale and Derwinwater

Nichol End Marine was about a 10 minute walk from where I’m staying. It was drizzling a bit but had my umbrella just in case. Since this area is a little remote from the busy town of Keswick, there was little traffic encountered along the way and minimal number of tourists.

By the time I got down to the lake there were patches of sunshine which offered some nice views of the surrounding hills.

The marina had a few docks and I walked down one and took the above picture.

The picture below shows the dock and the small nearby cafe.

I wasn’t too hungry so the bowl of chicken & vegetable soup (with bread) on the menu sounded perfect – and it was. Though, was concerned when my order wasn’t ready after 15 minutes and when I asked about it was assured it would be right out. Was thinking it was just a bowl of soup – get the bowl and ladle in the soup. Another reminder for me to be patient. The soup was terrific!

I walked back to my room and got ready to meet Csabi (my friend from Hungary) at the Keswick bus stop outside of Booth’s Market. He is working nearby and only needed to take a relatively short bus ride to where I’m staying.

We met for coffee then decided to have dinner at my hotel’s restaurant. I hadn’t seen him since he left Budapest in April. His English is getting much better and enjoys the English countryside and the people.

There seems to be a pattern developing with my ability to order a meal without some issue. In this case I guess it was the server’s ability to understand our order. Csabi ordered duck with a side salad with no dressing and I had the turkey dinner. Both of us had water. After placing the order another server came by twice to confirm our order. Remembering to be patient, we waited for our dinner and were very pleased with everything we ate. Including the sticky toffee pudding.


Turkey Dinner

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Tomorrow we’re taking the bus to Workington to do some shopping and a little sightseeing.




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