Friday, 28 July 2017

I could have easily stayed a few more days at the Bailbrook House Hotel. The staff there were almost as welcoming and service-oriented as the Luxor Hilton. But I’ve made plans to move on and perhaps I’ll return for another visit. Checkout from the hotel took less than a minute and my taxi was waiting for me too. Wow!

Love it when travel connections work out well. I walked into the Bath train station, purchased my ticket to Manchester and literally walked up to the platform and onto the train. From there, a short trip to Bristol and had time to order a coffee before boarding the connecting train to Manchester.

The only hiccup was the child, a few seats away, who either talked loudly or cried all the way to Manchester – for 3 hours. At one point I got up and walked around to get away from the situation. I could have moved seats but the train was full and there were no other seats. The mother and daughter got off at the stop before Manchester and I got the feeling that spontaneous applause was imminent.

The hotel in Manchester was just a few minutes walk from the train station. Checking in took only a few minutes. (A landmark day when checking out and checking in were record times.) Love my room! Not too big, great view, at the end of a hall (quiet) and on an upper floor (minimal traffic noise). Perfect! Think I’ll delay checkout tomorrow until the last possible moment.

The reception desk apologized for the rainy weather as I was checking in. I couldn’t help but laugh. (Little do they know…)

Room with a View

Tomorrow, the journey to Keswick (Lake District) will take about 3 hours. I’ll make a couple of transfers but there is enough time between each transfer – so think I’ll be fine.

Was able to successfully publish a travel blog post today and it looks like my technical issue has been resolved. So happy about this. Sometimes, when there is a technology issue, resolution is sometimes a time-consuming effort. All is well…



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