Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Time to say good-bye to London. Did I see everything I’d like to? Probably not, but I enjoyed my time in London visiting friends and I didn’t care. Guess I’ll have to return. Darn!

Room service showed up on time, then showered, dressed, packed and out the door before 11:30. Tried to explain how the Hilton Honors program worked to the person at the front desk, but guess he was new so let it go. I’m really racking up the points and will use them for another stay.

The taxi got me to the station on time, purchased my ticket to Bath and was on the train with time to spare. A young man offered to lift my suitcase into the luggage rack, so I let him. (I could have done it myself, but when someone offers, would be impolite to decline.) Was surprised at the short distance between London and Bath. Before I knew it we pulled into the Bath station and I was out the door, found a taxi and was on my way to the hotel.

The hotel I selected was in an old estate home that was converted into a hotel. It had great reviews and when entering and meeting the receptionist and concierge I could see why. The interior was well-appointed and the staff exceptionally helpful and welcoming. Which shows the difference between a Hilton and a place like this. The concierge listened to what my interests were then took a local map and made notes on it for my later reference – then escorted me to my room.

Link to Bailbrook House

After only being in the hotel and my room for less than 30 minutes, I decided I could stay comfortably here for many days. I took a nap on the exceptionally comfortable bed and only when I got hungry did I get up and go down to one of the lounge rooms for afternoon tea.

Later, after a dinner of braised beef in the conservatory, I returned to my room and updated my travel blog, answered email and text messages. After I was in bed I noticed a light from the bathroom. It was a night light – the first I’ve seen in a hotel or Airbnb! It is the little things that make traveling special.


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