Monday, 24 July 2017

Met up with Viktor again this morning. We decided to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral this morning and otherwise hang out in that part of London. The underground stop for St. Paul’s in on the Central line so easy to get to from my hotel.

This was my third time at St. Paul’s. Each time I visit I find something else to admire. This time I focused my attention on the art incorporated into the ceilings. Of course, being with someone who has never been there provides an opportunity to see the building from another perspective.

We approached one of the guides who are able to answer most questions about the cathedral. I asked him to explain an important part of the cathedral’s history during World War II when Churchill was adamant that during the German bombing raids, St. Paul’s must be protected. It was important to Churchill that the symbol of London, if not England, remain standing to show the resilience of the country and its people.

We had lunch in the cathedral’s cafe and then continued our tour. We learned that Evensong (a service of evening prayer, psalms, and canticles in the Anglican Church) was at 5:00 p.m. and planned to return at that time. A choir from Philadelphia is taking the place of the St. Paul’s choir during services while they take a summer break.

We left the cathedral and went across the street to have coffee and tea and continue our discussions from Saturday. We are both interested in higher consciousness, Maslow’s hierachy of needs, and education reform. We then started getting a bit goofy when discussing the differences and similarities between “Amen” and “And So It Is” – then added “Bob’s Your Uncle” to the mix. Guess you had to be there…

We realized that it was several minutes past 5:00 and quickly headed back to St. Paul’s for the service. Words can not describe the sound of the choir and organ in the cathedral. After the service we sat there in gratitude until we were ready to leave.

After walking down Fleet Street (the London street known for printing and publishing, we were ready for dinner. Viktor suggested pizza and we were off. Right after we found a store with a Paddington Bear display we found a place to eat.

We ordered a pizza to share and Viktor had cannelloni and my side dish was a pint of beer. We definitely picked the right place to eat.

After dinner it was time to say good-bye and look forward to when we would meet again. Prean, who was to return to London today, is now staying another week in Rwanda. I’ll plan to return to London when he isn’t traveling. (Or they can visit me?) Viktor sent him many pictures so he would be included – as much as one can when you’re over 6,000 miles away.

Was able to post another blog update when I got home then went to bed. Tomorrow I’m meeting Paula in the London Bridge station and we’ll take the train to Chartwell, Churchill’s home for 40 years.



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