Wednesday, 19 July 2017

It can be a bit of a shift when you travel from an Egyptian resort to London. Through it all, I’m finding that as I travel it becomes easier. By easier, I mean not needing a day or so of rest when I arrive. Just a couple of hours to get unpacked and plan for the next few days.

About the packing and unpacking. Now that we are solidly in the summer months, I have put my winter clothes on the side of the suitcase with the zipper. The clothes that I’m wearing now go on the side without a zipper. To unpack, I just open up the suitcase, hang up shirts and pants and find a place for the underwear, socks, and grooming items. Then iron a few shirts, notify some key people that I’m in a new city, set up my charging station (for multiple devices), put items in the safe, locate nearby stores, nearest McDonald’s (of course), and setting up visits with friends. This is Day #2. When I arrive (Day #1), it is usually in the afternoon or evening so finding my toothbrush, grab a bit to eat, and catch up on email and texts while traveling is about all I try, or expect to do, on the first day.

Found some pictures from Hurghada…

Our room was down at the very end of this corridor. Yes, the little speck way, way down there. Reminds me of the passageway from the OHSU Hospital to the VA Hospital.

Paddington Bear liked the fruit that the hotel sent us.

He also liked hanging out on the balcony. He didn’t seem to mind the heat.

Staying inside a cooled room and watching the beach activity was a great idea. Also, it cuts down on the amount of sand being tracked inside.

View of the Red Sea from our favorite restaurant. It serves food that appeals to both Egyptians and people from other countries. And what would that be? Pizza and pasta? Correct!

In London, I plugged in the iron and discovered it had a headlight. Not sure how much the iron headlight shows up in this picture.

Met up with Viktor for afternoon tea and then ate dinner together later in the evening. Prean is in Rwanda until next Monday. Haven’t seen either of them since the holidays.

Today, Paula and I met for lunch in Hampstead, then walked around the village. We visited a home (Fenton House) that in part of the National Trust. It also seems to be home to a variety of early keyboards (clavichord, harpsichord, etc.) and we were fortunate to have a guide who explained the history of several of the 15 or so instruments in the home.

He is pictured to the right in the photo below. I also liked the mantel arrangement in the picture as well.

Enjoyed a street where the homes / businesses were painted different colors. I also saw this when visiting Portobello last December.

We also followed up on a cat we met last December at a tea shop in Hampstead. The tea shop is now closed, but we learned the cat can be found hanging around in nearby shops. All is well. I included a picture of the cat below taken last December.

Both Viktor and Paula gave me some ideas and suggestions regarding this blog I’m writing. Nothing too drastic, but excellent feedback and very much appreciated!!

Tomorrow is Canterbury with Paula. New adventures!



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