Tuesday, 11 July 2017

In Luxor, Egypt now – which is like a second home. The people at the Luxor Hilton are the very best and still remember me from prior visits. Not much new to report from here. The city is becoming very familiar and feel welcome visiting with the local people.

A view from my room. Another extra upgrade because they know me – getting a room with a Nile River view.

Last night was on the top floor of Hussein’s home with a view of the main street of Karnak (village within Luxor) and the Temple of Hatshipsut on the West Bank. (Click on the link below)  Sat up on the rooftop with two of his friends until 1:00 drinking beer. Just down the street from my hotel.

YouTube Video

Today finalized plans to travel to Hurghada – on the Red Sea. Need to find a licensed driver to make the trip and to file documentation with officials when driving through desert. We will leave tomorrow morning.

I could get comfortable living here, but I will have to keep traveling. I’m ready for my next trip –  and will be when I leave for London next week. Until then, I’ll enjoy Hurghada during the next few days.

Map to Hurghada


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