Thursday, 6 July 2017

I found an email this morning from the company who operates the Segway tours at Phoenix Park – no openings until next Tuesday. I leave on Saturday. Guess my tour of Phoenix Park today will be on foot. The park is very large and I was looking forward to being on a Segway again. Maybe I’ll arrange for the next time I’m in Dublin.

Phoenix Park (from the brochure I picked up in the Visitor Center): At 1,752 acres, it is one of the largest enclosed recreational spaces within any European capital city. It is larger than all of London’s city parks put together and more than twice the area of New York’s Central Park. As can be seen from the map above, it is very close to Dublin city center and takes up a lot of room on the map.

Not knowing how much walking I would be doing, I hopped on the tram to Heuston Station (a primary train station) and walked into the park from there.

The walk into the park follows a straight line through roughly the center of the park. The road takes a slight incline as it leads from the entrance up to the Visitor Center.

On the way up I passed the Dublin Zoo. (I don’t visit zoos – ever. Very sad to see the animals in zoos locked up. And they do know they are being held captive.)

The walk was very easy. It started to rain but the large trees over the path  (most of the way) covered me and didn’t get too wet.

The President of Ireland lives in Phoenix Park. The site is called: Aras a Uachtarain. I was able to get a picture of some of the building from a field just off the path.

My walking goal was to get to the Visitor Center and rest there before heading back down the other side of the main road.

At the Visitor Center I met a woman at the front desk who, probably because I started talking first, asked me where I was from. And then our conversation took a political turn, so we ended up talking for the next 15 minutes. Guess I got my rest. I was going to get some tea, but the concession line was very long.

One of the main attractions at the Visitor Center is Ashton Castle, built prior to 1600. Another is the Kitchen Walled Garden. Both pictured below.

I also saw an interesting tree there. Have no idea what it is. Something else to research.

On the way back down the hill I took a picture of a monument that was placed in the turnabout outside the Visitor Center. I couldn’t make out what the monument was to represent.

Down from the turnabout was the entrance to the U.S. Ambassador’s home. Guess I should have done more research before visiting the park. I don’t know how the U.S. Ambassador ended up with a home in the park. All that could be seen were the front gates.

Saw my first live cricket match with everyone wearing white.

Down the road a bit further was the Wellington Testimonial. Wellington was reputed to have been born in Dublin. Completed in 1861 and is the tallest obelisk in Europe at over 62 meters (203 ft.) tall. (Note the people sitting at the obelisk’s base.)

On my way out of the part and back to Heuston Station, I took a picture of the Guinness Brewery. Massive! And in the heart of Dublin too!

Got plenty of steps completed today – nearly 14,000. When I got home I was looking forward to a nap before I left to see Riverdance.

The theater where Riverdance was playing was a good 30 minute walk. Think I walked enough for one day – no need to overdue it, and hailed a taxi.

Took a picture of the street where the theater was located and another from inside the theater.

What a great show! If I was in the same town where it was playing, I’d see it again. From start to finish it was thoroughly entertaining. It brought a lot of joy to everyone that night. Glad I went. (Yes, took a taxi home.)

Tomorrow I need to finish my errand list since I’ll be leaving Dublin on Saturday.




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  1. Hello Phil, I’m still out here following your travels although I have sort of fallin’ down on posting my comments. I heard the author of this book talking about it and thought it might interest you. The title is “Atlas Obscura” by Dylan Thomas and Josh somebody? It talks about odd travel destinations and of course I thought of you. I’m still enjoying the trip. Connie

    1. That sounds like the one. I think auto correct corrected Dylan’s last name and I didn’t notice.

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