Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Today I’m visiting Leinster House for an inside tour and then the National Gallery of Ireland. Another great walking day – partly cloudy and cool. Both locations are about 30 minutes away from where I’m staying.  The National Gallery is just around the corner from Leinster House.

On my walk over I took a couple of pictures. One was a sidewalk sign that I thought was funny and the other was of the Dublin coat of arms which you can find everywhere.

When I got to the Leinster House visitor center I asked about the tours and found out they only occur on Monday and Friday. Thought I read that there were tours every day except when the legislature wasn’t sitting (in session).  It being Wednesday, guess I’ll return on Friday.

The National Gallery is free so just walked in. From what I read, the National Gallery has been undergoing a multi-year renovation. It was established in 1864 and is the national collection of European and Irish art dating from the 14th century.

Each gallery within the building is in a separate collection based on a theme, if I understood correctly. When I got to the 1st floor to start the tour I began to realize how big the collection was – over 2,500 paintings. I liked the way the pictures were organized.

I spent more time in one gallery in particular. It was a room of paintings where the name of the subject was not known. Learned that it was common for painters to select a subject to paint and not record who they were – and if they were a women, even if they were married to someone well-known, they were not identified.

Some galleries were on the small side and others were a big as a gymnasium. The first picture is of the building’s entry hall.

After about 90 minutes I had seen just about all I wanted to for one day. I’ll definitely have to come back again.

When I returned home the place was very warm. The clouds had cleared and the sun had been coming through the floor to ceiling windows and really heated up the place. Opening windows and balcony door helped.

While the place was cooling down I started to make some Skinny Lasagna – which I guess heated up the rooms again. When I was done, I decided to watch a movie to cool me down.

Saw that the new Spiderman movie was out and walked over to Cineworld to see it. Out of the 17 screens there, the only one that was showing Spiderman was the one playing the 3D version. I hadn’t seen a 3D movie since I was in London last December. Turned out to be a great movie. I can confirm that I enjoy a particular movie by the number of times I check the time during the movie.

Walking home at 10:00 when the temperature was in the mid 60’s was nice. I had an active day so was in bed by 11:00. Tomorrow is Phoenix Park and Riverdance.


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