Sunday, 2 July 2017

Plenty of sunshine in the morning and was around 65 degrees. Perfect weather for a walk. I planned to walk up the river to the “chimneys” (Dublin Bay Power Plant). Didn’t realize these chimneys (as the local call them) were a Dublin icon.

Before I left, I made some beef stew. When finished, looks like I made enough for several days.

Finally left at around 3:00 to start my walk. Knowing that daylight will be around for the next 7 hours, I wasn’t in any rush.

Smithfield (where I’m living) to Dublin Bay Power Plan (6.2 km)

I really enjoy the walk along the River Liffey and saw many families walking along the river too.

As it turned out, the area around the power plant had limited access. At one point I sat down to figure out where to go next when a car pulled up and the driver asked if I was lost. (Seems like the right people show up at the right time.) He asked if I was looking for the lighthouse. Lighthouse? Didn’t know about a lighthouse. After he gave me directions I headed out to find the, what I now know is the Poolbeg Lighthouse.

While walking along the shore of Dublin Bay I noticed that the clouds were getting thicker and felt that it was going to rain any moment. And it did. Just some sprinkles though. Guess I’ll have to save the lighthouse for another day. I toward the nearest village (Sandymount) looking for a taxi as the rain was now turning into showers. Went into a pub and asked if there was a taxi stand nearby and someone who worked there went outside with me and flagged down a taxi. I meet the nicest people.

As I got into the taxi it really started to rain – though as the taxi approached Dublin city center, the rain stopped and the sun came out again. I walked almost 11,000 steps, so was happy about that.

Enjoyed some beef stew and some TV before heading to bed. Slept very well.



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