Saturday, 1 July 2017

Woke up and made a promise to finally take care of updating software and settings on my laptop. So easy to keep saving things to the hard drive (with limited capacity) and not updating applications or optimizing performance. When I get new technology, I generally don’t fully set it up – just get it to the point where I can log in and do what I need to do. Guess because I was in the technology field I don’t invest time in something that may change next week.

Also went shopping to make beef stew tomorrow. That was enough motivation for me to take a shower and get out of the house and away from the laptop.

Here are more cost comparisons from shopping:

Fresh Whole Mushrooms 2.00 Euro $2.28
Pint of Milk .95 Euro $1.09
Small Package Fresh Blueberries 2.95 Euro $3.37
Small Baby Potatoes (15) 1.20 Euro  $1.37
Cut Up Beef (2 lbs.) 11.28 Euro  $12.89 ($6.45 per lbs.)
Garlic (3) 1.00 Euro  $1.14
Frozen Peas 1.69 Euro  $1.93
Package of Celery 1.60 Euro  $1.83
Bananas 2.16 Euro  $2.47

A pair of pants arrived from Amazon today. The Amazon reviews said that I should order a size larger, which I did. I tried them on and they were too big. So, logged into Amazon and started the refund process and was surprised that Amazon issued a full refund and said to keep the pants. Wasn’t expecting that! Maybe if I dried them on really high heat they would shrink?

The rest of the day was spent mainly in front of the TV watching whatever I could find on Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. I vowed that tomorrow I’ll go on a long walk. No more laying around the house.


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