Friday, 30 June 2017

The cool weather is still with us here in Dublin. Great walking weather! Took a decent walk this afternoon and returned home in time to get ready for a InterNations get together at a local Italian restaurant.

Took a taxi to the restaurant, Dall’Italia Pasta Bar – which I thought was just a bit further to walk before meeting new people for the first time. We had almost 30 people for dinner and we had a chance to mingle and get to know each other. These are mostly people from other countries – generally there is one local person in the group but not tonight. Everyone was from a different country – though we did have 3 from Italy and I was the only American. Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Nigeria, Morocco, Brazil, Australia, India, and probably some others too.

It was a small restaurant and we eventually took all of the seating in the place. Our host, who was from Italy, said this restaurant makes their own pasta and the sauces are prepared using methods and ingredients you’d find in Italy. I’ll be in Italy in September, so this was a great introduction to what I might expect. Who doesn’t like Italian food?

Had some great discussions! Several people work in IT like I did and I got caught up on projects they were working on – and offered my thoughts. (Of course!) Was asked about current events in the U.S. and I did my best to change the subject. News originating from the U.S. is not readily available so many get their news from sources from their own countries or from Irish news outlets. I’m amazed that there are some in the U.S. who think there is possibly a world-wide conspiracy regarding the broadcasting of “fake news” and the support of a liberal agenda. Enough of that…

After dinner, some of us wanted to hang out a bit longer so decided to go to the pub across the street – “The Bleeding Horse” and from what I read is a well-known pub dating from the 17th century.

I didn’t realize how late it was. It was still light outside and thought it might have been 9:00. It was 10:30! I had one pint then caught a taxi to home.

Was great to have conversations with so many people from different countries. Surprising how few countries some of them have visited – given the variety of places available. Many were making very low salaries where they were from while working in Ireland pays more for equal work.

I hope to come back and attend another function when I return to Ireland.

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