Thursday, 29 June 2017

The cool and rainy weather continues and I’m liking it. Almost turned on the heat this morning.

Forgot to mention in my update yesterday – regarding my one-year travel anniversary. Still no tattoos or piercings. I’m still the guy from Oregon traveling around. Nothing stolen or have been mistreated in any way. Most everyone I meet has been super nice and helpful. At most I find some people indifferent at most, but that is about it.

As planned, made chicken salad and ate that for lunch. Then started to make chicken soup for dinner. Made the chicken broth from the roasted chicken bones from last night’s dinner, then the soup.

Cost of Items from Grocery Store

Individual Yogurt (Blueberry) 2.45 Euro ($2.74)
Jar of Raspberry Jam 3.99 Euro ($4.55)
Dishwashing Liquid 2.00 Euro ($2.28)
Small Bag of Sugar 1.65 Euro ($1.88)

My brother Rick asked me how much I was paying for my place here in Dublin. It works out to be $122 per night. The hostel next to this building charges $80 per night – and there you share a bathroom.

After dinner I went to a concert at┬áChrist Church Cathedral. Actually two groups performed. One was a local amateur orchestra who performed first – mostly popular songs, then the Charlottesville High School orchestra. For the last piece, they performed with the first group the Highland Cathedral. (See this YouTube link.) This song was performed again as an encore. Both groups performed exceptionally well.

About halfway to Christ Church I realized I didn’t have my phone. Rarely do I leave home without the phone. But I survived. I seem to be finding my way around Dublin without a map or the phone. My fallback is to hail a taxi.


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