Wednesday, 28 June 2017

One year ago today I left Portland to begin my 3-year journey. Guess this could also be called an odyssey – since this could be an extended adventure. In any case, it was one year ago when I left Portland.

I remember the day very well. So much remaining to do and had a hard stop at 6:00 p.m. when I was to meet friends for drinks and then another friend was taking me to the airport a bit later.

My rented furniture was picked up in the morning, the TV was taken to a friend, then my car (which was sold) to be left with another friend. Ironically the people who purchased my car were in Europe. Then back home to finish packing and cleaning the apartment. And take a shower. Finished 10 minutes late.

But it all got done – well sort of. I ended up taking more than I needed and still had items unfinished on my to-do list – but nothing critical. One way or another I was going to get on the plane onto my first stop – NYC. The only hitch was boarding was delayed, but it was a non-stop flight so I didn’t care.

And here I am in Dublin a year later. Looking out over the Smithfield Plaza (picture below), chicken in the oven, and writing my blog. A friend wrote a note to me on Facebook, “I’ll be curious to see where you end up.” I replied, “Me too!” ┬áMy plan is still to travel a full three years and then return to Portland. I’ve left myself open to staying longer if I want to .

View from my window (below)

Onward to Year Two!

I mentioned the chicken earlier. I’m getting good at roasting a chicken, using the leftover meat for sandwiches, then the bones go into making chicken broth which becomes chicken soup.

My brother was asking about prices. I paid 3.99 Euro ($4.55) for the chicken. Other items I bought at the grocery store: (The store I go to is similar to a Zupans so the prices might be a bit higher.)

Loaf of sliced whole wheat bread 2.35 Euros ($2.62)
5 Chicken Breast Fillets 5.00 Euros ($5.69)
Bag of Carrots (15 carrots) 1.60 Euros ($1.82)
Bottle of Orange Juice 3.55 Euros ($4.04)
1/2 lbs of coffee 5.65 Euros ($6.43)
Bag of Onions (10 medium onions) 1.30 Euros ($1.48)

Finally my dentist appointment has been made. After calling the Budapest dentist office and again being told I’d receive a call shortly, I decided to send my paperwork from the Budapest dentist via email and see if that would work. It did. So while my U.S. friends are celebrating the 4th of July, I’ll be in a dentist chair getting my teeth cleaned. I don’t have dental insurance, so I’ll pay 95 euros ($108) for the exam and cleaning – at a full-service dental office.

While making my dental appointment and looking at the price for Airbnb housing in the Scandinavian countries, I was having my afternoon tea and scones. What a great idea this afternoon tea. Also a good excuse to have a scone?

Dinner is done! Time to eat!

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