Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Definitely enjoying the cooler weather here in Dublin. Today, it was raining most of the morning then partly cloudy with a high of 73 in the afternoon. Perfect! The remainder of the week will be a little cooler with more rain but that is okay with me.

Been busy over the past few days taking care of personal accounting, updating contact and account information, and also doing what I can to wrap up my cousin’s estate. These are things that would take minutes if I were in the U.S. but seem to take hours here in Ireland. Even mailing letters to the U.S. can take extra time since I can’t leave them in the outgoing mail box without the correct postage.

Last night I made “Skinny Lasagna Soup” for dinner and will have leftovers of the soup through tomorrow. Now starts the process of buying just enough food to last until I leave on July 8. Some food I can leave here for the next guest, but the perishables will need to be eaten. Food costs here are about the same as the U.S.

Was surprised to receive a phone call from my brother a couple of days ago. Glad I was sitting down when the phone rang. My niece installed Messenger on his phone and now all he has to do is press the icon, select my name, and my phone rings. ¬†Also had calls with a few other friends and family too. Texting and emails are fine, but hearing someone’s voice is much better.

In regards to the phone and SIM card, as of this month it looks like I can now use the same SIM card for all countries in the EU. Good news is that I’m on a plan here in Ireland where I pay only 30 Euros a month (1 Euro = 1.13 US Dollars) for data, local calls and international calls.

This afternoon I’ve been making arrangements to get my teeth cleaned. Now arranging for the dentist in Budapest to send records to the dentist here in Dublin.

Just received confirmation a few minutes ago that a friend from the U.S. will be here in Dublin. Though he arrives the same day that I’m leaving for Athens. In any case, will be good to see a familiar face next week.

Well, tomorrow will be my first anniversary. I left Portland last year on June 28th for New York City to start my multi-year travels. Below is a map of where I’ve been so far. Google has been tracking my progress. Will see how many more red dots I can accumulate in the next couple of years.

Major areas and countries still to be visited:

  1. Iberian Peninsula
  2. Scandinavia
  3. Eastern Europe
  4. Italy
  5. Russia
  6. Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)
  7. Israel and Jordan
  8. Turkey (?)
  9. Ukraine (?)
  10. Morocco (?)

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