Saturday, 24 June 2017

Finally got rain this morning and the “heat wave” in Dublin is officially over. I follow the weather in Oregon and know that the 90+ temperatures are not fun. Was interesting to read Facebook comments about the heat – from the same people commenting earlier on how long the cold weather was hanging on. Guess many Oregonians like the winter weather to stay in the winter. And if we want hot weather, we head south.

I’m still coping with the long daylight hours. I’m at the same latitude as the lower half of Alaska and have just a few hours of darkness. ¬†I’m retired. Waking up at 6:00 a.m. is not in my daily plan.

I’ve been lazy for the past few days and catching up on my sleep. Have been walking around quite a bit. Interesting that I’m frequently asked for directions and even more interesting that I can actually help my fellow tourists. Dublin is very easy for travelers once you’re here for a few days.

I have two weeks left here in Dublin and now ready for my next adventure. I’ve made plans to visit Egypt again and hang out in a resort for a week or so. Then visit friends in London and from there travel by train through England and will take a ferry ride back to Ireland. Once I return to Ireland I will start my driving tour around the island.

Before leaving Dublin I want to do a Segway tour of Phoenix Park and visit some other sites. River Dance is playing here and would be fun to see it in person. Had a sample of the Irish dance at Murray’s Pub and would like to see more. I posted the Murray Pub dancers here on YouTube. (Click YouTube link.)

I’ve been doing some shopping while here found a few summer shirts at H&M and a pair of travel pants. Now need to look for another pair of walking shoes and some light weight pants. (Sorry, trousers). Around here “pants” mean underwear.

Henry Street is one of the main shopping streets in Dublin. Think I posted one or two pictures of the shoppers in a previous post. This one has a view of the “Spire” that is located on O’Connell Street. Another is a picture of the tea and scone for my afternoon tea that day.

I’m also enjoying going to the movies too. Have seen a few films at the cinema across the way from my flat and¬†Cineworld which is the biggest cinema in Ireland, with 4 floors and 17 screens. It was a great way to escape the afternoon heat.

In a few days I will be celebrating my first year anniversary – when I left Portland to start my travels. Has my time passed quickly? Perhaps so. Getting very accustomed to moving around.



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