Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Welcome to sunny Dublin! That isn’t something you hear too often around here from what I understand. As the temperature approaches 80, the heat wave has become a major topic among the local people. In my flat, which is not air conditioned, it is getting a bit warm during the late afternoon with the full sun coming in the floor to ceiling windows. Like an oven! I’ve been going to late afternoon movies to escape the heat.

Made another Shepherd’s Pie, using another recipe I found. Think I’ll use this one going forward. I made it at night when the temperature in the flat was a little more comfortable.

I haven’t been posting much for the past few days. Have been enjoying the sites and sounds of Dublin. Think I’m really becoming a local. Have been meeting new people almost every day and enjoy hearing their stories about growing up in Ireland.

Was surprised Sunday when I learned my friend Mary was visiting Dublin starting on Monday and will be through Wednesday this week. I met Mary last October when a mutual friend of ours, Barb, invited me on a trek through the Outer Herbrides with Mary and her mom. Since then we have continued to correspond. Good to have someone to join me while visiting Dublin.

We met up late afternoon on Monday and had dinner and went to a Dublin Pub for a drink and to enjoy the entertainment. We saw some Irish dancing that I’ll post on YouTube later this week.

Today we got on a “Hop On / Hop Off” bus for a tour of Dublin. Got off at Trinity College and walked through the grounds there and then visited the Book of Kells and Library. From there we had lunch at a pub in the Temple Bar district. Then got back on the bus and finished the city tour by bus – noting places to visit on foot tomorrow.

We met up later in the evening and had drinks at a pub then dinner at a restaurant on O’Connell Street – Dublin’s main thoroughfare. We have been meeting up at the “Spire of Dublin” a landmark in the middle of O’Connell Street.

I’m still planning on staying in Dublin through the 7th of July. Still making travel plans for July.

Glad it cooled down a bit last night. Only took an hour to cool down the flat so I could sleep. Not to worry – Dublin’s cool summer weather (and a bit of rain) will return soon enough.

Will try to post most over the next couple of weeks while I’m still in Dublin.

Here are some pictures (not many) that I took over the past few days.

Shepherd’s Pie

Trinity College

Book of Kells and Library

The Brian Boru Harp

Trinity College Library

Oscar Wilde Birthplace and Statue

Shopping on Henry Street

Leinster House

Mary and Me    

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