Thursday, 14 June 2017

Over the past couple of days I’ve taken a break from touring Dublin. I’m very much enjoying just living here and doing basic day-to-day activities.

Addressing the tasks needed to close out my cousin’s estate has been on my mind. We’ve decided to hold off closing out the estate until September so that gives me more time to ensure that any open invoices have been paid.

Found out this week that a childhood family friend passed away from cancer this week. Our families were close when we were younger and she was the same age as my brother. Also another family friend, and our dad’s attorney, had a stroke. A good reminder to do what I can to stay active and healthy.

Met (via Viber) with my financial planner this week as well. Of course, planning around how-long-do-I-expect-to-live was a topic. I developed a budget planning spreadsheet that we used to work out various scenarios. We decided to work out the plan in chunks – budget for my time traveling over the next couple of years, then from age 65 – 70, then reset plan for 70 and beyond. And by all means reduce risk as much as possible.

Also, attended my first InterNations event in Dublin – to watch Wonder Woman at the Savoy Theater on O’Connell Street (Dublin’s main thoroughfare). The movie was borderline in terms of how much violence I care to see in a movie, but well done otherwise. Looking forward to more InterNations events over the next few weeks.

Yesterday, I made some beef stew. One of these days I’ll settle on a recipe but happy trying out new ways to make an old favorite. The vegetables in many countries seem to take longer to cook. For example, the celery that I purchased here was still a bit crunchy even after being cooked for a couple of hours. Generally it is the carrots that take longer to cook. Sometimes the potatoes take extra time as well. Also, I’ve learned the flavor of each is unique to the country.

Had quite an email exchange with my Airbnb host over the last couple of days. I mentioned a smell in the kitchen that has been here since I moved in. I’m getting more used to the street noise at night. Some nights it is quiet and other nights I can hear people at 4:00 a.m. Life in the big city I guess.

Next week I’ll try to get out and visit more sites. Maybe a few more days of being a citizen of Dublin will be a good idea for me. Think I need some new clothes too.


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