Monday, 12 June 2017

Got out of the house for part of the day while the bike exhibition was finishing up then came back for a nap before heading to a theater for a performance in the evening. It was a one-man show named, “I Am A Bird Now”. I saw the poster for the play while walking down the street and decided to buy a ticket. Think I’ll try out more of these small theater productions.

I’m starting to plan in earnest my trip around Ireland in July. Also thinking about going to Isle of Man (located between Ireland and Great Britain).

Found a movie theater across the way. I knew it was there – just never checked it out. I went to a movie there last week, “My Cousin Rachael” and was surprised how big it was inside. The theaters are not very big – which is okay with me.

Getting better sleep now that I’m getting used to the street noise. Wearing ear plugs work somewhat. More “lessons learned” for me to ask more questions. Being a retired person, I enjoy getting sleep.


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