Sunday, 11 June 2017

Looks like a good day to go by train to Belfast. I’ve wanted to see the Titanic exhibit there and also to see the city itself. Then given that there is a velodrome outside by flat (as a Dublin sporting and community event) it is a good idea to find a daytime event to keep me busy.

Getting to Belfast is easy. Take the tram to the train station, just a few stops away, and get on the train to Belfast. I bought tickets online so all I needed to do was pick them up on the station once I got there. There are several trains to and from Belfast each day.

The scenery was amazing on the way up. Green farmlands with cows and sheep, small towns and villages, and great views of harbors and the the Irish Sea. The train was very modern and the two-hour ride was comfortable.

At the Belfast station I didn’t know if I would need to present my passport, given that Belfast is in Northern Ireland and part of the U.K. and not in the Republic of Ireland. But there was no need for a passport – just walked off the train and out the door to explore Belfast.

The weather was holding up so it was okay to walk the 30 minutes to the Titanic Exhibit. Along the way I took pictures of the immense harbor and the River Lagan that runs through Belfast and into the harbor. A walkway took me most of the way from the train station to the Titanic Exhibit building. From a distance it didn’t look that big.

The Titanic Exhibit Building is in the picture below, to the right.

There was artwork along the way. This one I thought was interesting.

When I arrived I headed straight for a place where I could get something to eat. Was starved!

After lunch I went outside to get some pictures of the building. The outside was inspired by the bow of the ship and a compass – build in the shipyard where the Titanic was built in the Harland & Wolff shipyard.

After buying a ticket you go upstairs to start the journey. There were exhibits on the materials that went into building the ship and then learned about the people who actually built the Titanic and her sister ships. There was a ride that took groups of people through the various stages of building the ships – suspended high above the ground. It was very hard labor.

We were shown where this building is in relationship to where the Titanic was built. The second picture below shows where the Titanic was built.

We were shown the rooms where the passengers (all class of passengers) lived during the voyage.

Then we experienced the ship’s encounter with the iceberg, the rescues, the deaths, and the days following the sinking. Very dramatic!

At the end of the tour, we saw large screen projections of the wreckage field of the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean. A whole different experience than seeing a documentary on TV.

After about 90 minutes, I was ready to leave. It was starting to rain so I hailed a taxi and asked to be taken to the city center. From there I walked around and then eventually walked to the train station since the weather had cleared up.

Walked into St. George’s Market on the way back. Wow! I should have planned more time to walk through the market. A little bit of everything!

I took a picture of the Belfast train station. Also, seeing the carpet, I decided to do a “shoes and carpet” picture.

I had a snack and some tea waiting for the train and boarded about 15 minutes before departure. This time I sat on the opposite side of the train and saw what I didn’t see on the way up. I highly recommend this ride – for only 38 pounds.

Was tired when I got home – so picked up a pizza for dinner then had a nap. Good to just relax after a lot of walking and site-seeing.













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