Wednesday 7 June 2017

Weather today looks a bit unsettled and can’t tell what to expect for the rest of the day. There was a period of partial sun developing where I felt confident that I could go for a walk without getting drenched with rain over the next hour or so.

I’ve seen a church that sticking up among nearby buildings just across the river – so I headed over there to take a look.

Found out that it is John’s Lane Church and opened in 1874 on the site of St. John’s Hospital. It can be seen over much of Dublin. Very impressive.

From there I continued to walk around until I thought I’d better return home before the rain started in again.

At home, I added dates to my calendar of things I wanted to see and do while in Dublin. I also re-organized a bunch of flyers that the Airbnb host set out under the main window in the front room. (Looks like it hadn’t been done for awhile. Dusty too.)

I’ve been working on a budget to share with my financial planner next week. Got that sent off to her for review – then we can discuss. Interesting to put a budget together when you don’t know how long you’re going to live. How much do we really need? If it turns out I run out of money I can always go live with my niece. (I hope she is reading this.)

Great to have my Apple TV hooked up so I can watch movies from both Amazon and Netflix – also have access to a variety of TV networks. Good rain shower tonight. ¬†Looks like tomorrow will be about the same. I’m enjoying the mild weather.


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