Monday, 5 June 2017

Today is a bank holiday in Ireland. What is a “bank holiday”? From what I can tell, it is just a day, designated many years ago, for people to have an extra day off. In honor of this day, I took the day off too.

For my holiday, I decided to do some cooking. The baking dish I purchased at Tesco I used to make a Shepherd’s Pie and also made a Pea Salad (peas, cheddar cheese, onion and bacon with a mayonnaise dressing). It was a challenge considering that the kitchen is very small and with limited things to cook with. I enjoy a challenge and it all worked out fine.

Shepherd’s Pie

Pea SaladĀ (Showing just a bowl full of the salad below. The remainder of the salad is in a sauce pan in the refrigerator.)

Both turned out very well, in my humble opinion. I will be well-fed over the next few days. I’llĀ also need to purchase a stock pot to make some soup. Maybe I’ll buy the stock pot tomorrow.

While waiting for things to cook, I was able to get caught up with my journal entries and backed up pictures from my phone and laptop to my hard drive. Also, emailed some questions to our attorney regarding our cousin’s estate. I had to stop – this was getting to be like real work. Time for a nap.

Restful evening and enjoyed hearing the rain throughout the night.




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