Sunday, 4 June 2017

Woke up and had the urge for a McMuffin. Took a quick shower and was out the door in 20 minutes. Perhaps this McDonald’s would serve breakfast until at least 11:00 am? I arrived at 10:45 and learned that breakfast ends at 10:30. Oh well, they serve cheeseburgers.

Walked around a little and came back to the flat and finished putting away the last of my things. I seem to wait a few days before totally unpacking in case I want to change something around.

Took a picture of Paddington Bear.

I looked through some of the brochures that were left for me here. Quite a stack of them, but they are not organized well. (Guess I could re-organize them as a courtesy.) So many places to visit around here. Next week I’ll start putting some events in my calendar. I’ve already accepted some InterNations invitations, so I’ll be busy before too long.

Decided to see what Temple Bar is all about. After finishing the remaining Chinese food, I put on my shoes and walked over to the Temple Bar area.

On the way over I crossed a bridge to take a picture of the sun reflecting off the river. Below is the picture from the camera and the next one is a “stylized” version from Google. Not sure which one I like better.

From what I had read, the Temple Bar area is where the tourists (and probably some local people) go for some serious drinking. I was right. Seemed a lot like Bourbon Street. I might have to come back at a later time some evening – should be quite a show.

Got nearly 15,000 steps in today. My back is definitely on the mend. Though I’ll take it easy tomorrow. Three days of walking might be pushing it. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll make a Shepherd’s Pie.


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