Thursday, 1 June 2017

Woke early and cleaned the flat and finished packing before my Airbnb host arrived. I didn’t do much more than make sure the trash was emptied, dishes washed, cleaned out the refrigerator, made the bed, wiped down the kitchen and bathroom counters – stuff like that. Just those few little things really make the Airbnb hosts happy and you get a good recommendation. Some Airbnb hosts have told me that they accepted my request as a guest based on my good reviews.

Was out the door about 15 minutes later than planned and met up with my taxi driver outside the flat. Got to the airport, checked in and through security within 30 minutes. My suitcase weighed 20.3 kg but the person at the check-in counter said this was within their weight requirements. Nice! Its the little things…

At the gate, got something to eat since I knew that the airline would charge for any food or drink they provide. Actually, this flight was “free” since I used miles I had left on one of my cards.

I reserved a window seat and glad I did. Had mostly clear skies until we reached France, then it was partly cloudy. Saw some snow on the alps and then Netherlands’ shores before we headed towards the British Isles.

Not sure why, but the Internet on my phone was spotty. First I would get a connection, then it would stop. Oh well, guess I’ll visit Vodafone after I get settled in. The taxi driver let me text the Airbnb host from his phone to let them know I was on my way. Met up with Sean, the Airbnb host’s assistant, and he showed me up to the flat and stayed around for a bit and chatted with me about Ireland.

So much to remember when landing in a new city and at a new flat. Just the process of finding where you’re living. And if you’re living in a fairly large building, you need to remember which door you enter to find the elevator and which door leads to the flat. At the flat, everything again is new. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, thermostat, TV, washer, hot water, garbage, etc. So, within a hour of arriving at a new place, your head is full of new information. It does get easier with each new location. Now to find the Vodafone store.

Sean gave me a hint on how to find the phone store – though, because of the rain, I took the tram which was only a couple of blocks from the flat. Bought my tram ticket and I was on my way. It was only a couple of stops down the line. It took about 15 minutes but found the store. (I have limited GPS on my phone without Internet.) The store clerk installed the new SIM card and we tested it out. Done!

After I left the store, as I was walking back to the tram, I felt what I thought was some rain falling on me. Turns out it was bird poop. On my head, glasses, and jacket. Not too much, but enough where I needed to find a way to get cleaned up. Used the sleeve of my jacket and pants for the most part.

It was getting close to dinner time, so on the way back, picked up a pizza. While that was being made, I visited a nearby store. Great to have everything close to me.

After eating I wanted to take a nap but the music from the hostel next to this building was playing some very loud music. Was able to get some sleep. I was tired! Confused when I woke up – expected it to be dark. In Dubrovnik sunset was around 7:15 – but here sunset is closer to 9:30.

There are a few bars in the neighborhood and could hear the street noise. Lots of drinking here and happy people. Was wondering if this extra noise was going to be a problem. Guess I’ll learn to get used to it. It did start to quiet down around midnight, which I appreciated.

The bed is very comfortable. Nice!


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