Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Today is my last day in Dubrovnik. I’ve been here since the 16th, but it seems that I’ve been here much longer. By now, I know my way around pretty good, though I need more work with the bus schedules.

Today I’m interested in looking around the Old City harbor and perhaps having lunch at a new place – just for a change. Another great day weather-wise to walk around and my back keeps getting a little better each day. This is great news because I intend on doing plenty of walking on the “flat street'” Dublin. Have I mentioned the stairs in Dubrovnik?

I’ve discovered that the Babin Kuk #6 bus runs very regularly and can catch it a few blocks away. From there, I can reach the Old City in about 10 minutes or less.

Once off the bus, I headed toward the southwest part of the Old City and found my way around the walkway that runs outside of the thick city walls. Plenty of places for recreational swimmers.

I then walked back into the city and started looking for a restaurant. I did a lot of looking. (I “might” be a little selective.)

Found a restaurant which seemed to have good reviews according to TripAdvisor. After some miscommunication, what they brought me wasn’t what I ordered. Long story short – I just ate it and left. The whole experience was a comedy of errors. Lesson learned for sure.

Still didn’t know if I was coming back tonight for another performance by the Dubrovnik String Quartet. Probably, I figured.

When I got back to the flat, I took a quick nap then started to pack. Also did an online check-in with the airline. I saw that the baggage weight limit was 20 kg so made sure to put heavy items in my carry on in my jacket. For dinner, I had the remainder of the tortellini . A quick meal to fix that fills me up.

Seems that I just finished diner when it was time to head back to the Old City for tonight’s concert. I had some spare change (Kuna is the local currency) and decided to donate this change to one of the street musicians who I’ve heard play over the last couple of weeks.

On the way to the bus stop I noticed it was close to sunset, so I waited on a bench next to the marina and waited. I took a picture of the sun just as it went over the horizon. My last Dubrovnik sunset. After I took the picture, I headed to the bus stop for the Old City.

The person selling tickets remembered me from the prior week and we talked for a bit. I told her how much I enjoyed these concerts within the small chapel. The acoustics are perfect for groups with only a few musicians because of the way the music reverberates in the small space – making the music sound more cohesive. In a larger space, the music seems to go everywhere and gets lost.

I noticed that this program was similar to one that I heard a couple of weeks ago. No matter, I enjoyed what I heard then and expected to have the same impression this week. I saw that the lead violinist was different. I wonder how this will change the performance?

Dubrovnik String Quartet

   I. Pachelbel: Kanon
   II. Handel: Queen of Sheba
   III. Mozart: Divertimento in D
   IV.  Haydn: Andante
   V. Sorkocevic:  Symphony No 7
   VI. Elgar: Salute d’Aore
   VII. Britten: Playful Pizzicato
   IIX. Faure: Apres Un Reve
   IX. Sullivan: “The Mikado” (Selection)

Again, I enjoyed the concert. Glad I made the trip back to the Old City. I found a street musician (actually he was only one performing) and gave him my spare change. Then caught the return bus and said my good-byes to the Old City.

When I got home I took a shower, did some more packing and watched a couple of programs on my laptop while I relaxed before bedtime. Tomorrow I’ll wake up around 7:00 and finish packing then clean the flat. The host is expected to be here at 10:00 a.m.

Very excited about visiting Dublin. New adventures for sure!!

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