Monday, 29 May 2017

Not much planned for today. First, I needed to replace a broken drinking glass that I found in the dishwasher. Not sure if I broke it, but would be a nice gesture to replace it with another. I had an idea to head up to the Old Town and look for the replacement there.

When in Old Town, I looked through many gift / souvenir shops but didn’t find any glasses that I liked. Was also thinking about getting a haircut too – when I saw a barber shop, I when in and had a seat. Think I was the only tourist in the shop – or at least the only person who didn’t speak Croatian. I was about 5th in line so I waited my turn. I took a picture of my barber. Both barbers in the shop wore white. Cost for haircut: $6 USD (No, not me in the chair.)

Saw this church while walking around.

Many streets in Old Town look like this. Many shops and restaurants.

From there I saw a sign advertising a performance of Croatian songs. It was scheduled for Tuesday night. As I was heading back to the main gate, I passed the chapel that puts on the candlelight performance and saw there was a performance for tonight – a trio (piano, flute, bass) with soloist.  Done – I’ll come back later for tonight’s performance.

On the way out of Old Town, noticed that almost everyone on the left side of the bridge was eating an ice cream cone. (Except me.)

From there I passed a stand that was offering tours of the Old Town Wall. It was the same company I saw while researching online. After asking some questions: How big is the group? Does the tour guide speak English? Will the guide mind if I ask questions? I decided to book a tour for tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

Got off the bus early and stopped by Tommys, a local supermarket, to see if I could find glasses there. Found a set of six that were just what I was looking for – sturdy and short – something that wouldn’t break or fall over in the dishwasher. I also picked up another chicken to bake.

After a nap, I woke and put the chicken in the oven to bake while I worked on my journal. Also prepared some broccoli to have with the chicken. Not having much to eat today (not even an ice cream cone) I became very hungry as could smell the chicken cooking. The chicken cost around $7 USD and I usually get two meals out of it.

After dinner it was time to get ready to head back to Old Town for tonight’s performance. After waiting at the bus stop and not finding the right bus, I decided to just walk up to Old Town and forget about the bus. My back was feeling a bit better and off I went.

Took a picture of the road next to the harbor.

When I arrived at Old Town, I saw my #6 bus taking on passengers and decided to take a picture.



Sorkocevic: Symphony No. 1 – Allegro

J.S. Bach: Gounod: Ave Maria

Giordani: Carol Mio Ben

Vivaldi: Vieni, Vieni

Schubert: Stadchen

Corak: Three Little Music Boxes

Gillet: Meditation

Durante: Vergin, Tutto Amor

Strauss: Zuegnung

Mozart: Andante

Fanck: Panis Angelicus

Tchaikovsky: Sred Sumnog Vala

Rossini: La Vals



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