Sunday, 28 May 2017

Today I’ve planned to visit the Island of Lokrum. A 15 minute boat ride from the port in the Old City. After waiting for a bus, which are limited on Sunday, I caught a #6 to the Old City. Had a conversation with a local who said I could take the #1A and I explained that I knew where the #6 and #8 would take me and would rather wait. This local, as I found out, was waiting at the stop so he could relieve the driver of the #6 bus that I was waiting for. How about that?

I asked some questions and found out that the boat ride to Lokrum was only handled by one company and was directed to buy a ticket from the dock, which I did. Still wasn’t sure what I was going to see on the island. Many trees, peacocks, rabbits, views of the sea, a cathedral, and a fort. I mainly went for the boat ride. Being with a group of other tourists is always an adventure. And I wasn’t disappointed. So many expectations, concerns, me-first, taking pictures, looking after (or not) the kids, etc. So much activity and I just wanted to enjoy the boat ride.

We landed on Lokrum and left the boat as the returning passengers got on. We all then gathered by a large map of the island with over 20 places listed on the map to visit. And then we were off … and scattered in every direction. I couldn’t decide what to see first so found the main path and started to walk. Very calming to take a slow walk through the forest. My back was still a bit sore so took several rest stops.

Many peacocks roamed the islands. They seemed to be okay with people taking their picture. Except when some people started to play with them – they didn’t like that too much.

Came upon a swimming hole called the Dead Sea. The sea water comes into this rocky area which seems to warm up the water and is a great place to swim – or jump from a cliff which is what some young folk were doing. (Where were their parents!) Probably something crazy that I would have done at their age. It was about a 50 foot jump.

I walked around some more before heading back to the boat. I saw an advertisement for a Segway tour of the island. Maybe I’ll return on Wednesday.

Heading back to the Old City, I took a picture of the harbor. I could imagine it was quite the event for early sailors to first see the city from this angle.


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