Saturday, 27 May 2017

After breakfast and a shower I caught the #6 bus that took me to Babin Kuk, on the Lapad Peninsula. Babin Kuk is further out from the central part of the city and has views in several directions. I saw a park along the bus route and got out for a walk.

From there I went into the Old City and had lunch at my favorite place and had my usual tuna salad. Also took a picture of the city’s wall from my table. (A night time picture is shown further down the page.)  I’ve sat at table #508 before.

After lunch I visited the Franciscan Church and Monastery to see one of the oldest European pharmacies and their museum.  The pharmacy has been located there since the 15th century.


The museum has a number of ancient artifacts on display.

On the way out I noticed a concert this evening at Domino Church in the Old City. Performing tonight is the Dubrovnik Chamber Trio (Flute, Basson, Harpsichord / Piano).

The Domino Church was destroyed in the great earthquake of 1667 and was rebuilt in Baroque style during the same century. It contains the 17th century altarpiece The Glory of all Saints by Andrea Vaccaro. It used to be the seat of the fraternity of the stonemasons.


Old England:
   Purcell: Rondeau
   Corbett: Sarabande
   Traditional: Two Dances
   Boyce: Arioso
   Purcell: Rigaudon-Menuett
   Babell: Bouree

J.S. Bach: Air (Suite No 3 in D Major)

Mozart: Divertimento KV 252 (240a)
– Andante, Menuett, Polonaise, Presto assai

Beethoven: Adagio cantabile, Op. 1, No. 1

Three Romantic Moments
   Schubert: Moment Musical
   Tchaikovsky: Romance, Op. 5
   Brahms: Hungarian (Ungarischer) Dance No. 5

Pejacevic: Rose (from Life of Flowers)

Pessard: Andalouse

Bizet: Seguidilla


After the concert on the way out of the Old City, I took a picture of the city’s walls.

After getting home, I made a batch of French Toast for the morning. To be honest, I got up in the middle of the night and cooked up three slices, then had the remainder in the morning. The picture below shows that these slices of bread that soaked up six eggs of batter.

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