Friday, 26 May 2017

A very quiet day. Took a couple of short walks but tried to give my back a rest. It is feeling better, but I’m missing my walks and exploring Dubrovnik.

Part of the day I re-organized some of my documents and worked on my travel budget for review with my financial planner in June.

I checked into the ferry schedule that runs between Dubrovnik and Split, which is about 200 km away and is a 4 hour boat ride. There is a boat that leave in late afternoon and doesn’t return until the next day. I’ll have to think about that. If I was here in June, the boat leaves in the morning and returns later in the evening.

For my entertainment tonight, I hooked my laptop to the TV and watched the last Star Wars on the big screen. I mostly watch programs or movie on my laptop, but it is Star Wars after all. 40 years ago I remember seeing Star Wars for the first time at the Westgate Theater in Beaverton. 40 years ago… Wow!

Tomorrow I’ll take the bus over to Babin Kuk, a district of Dubrovnik, that is across the Gruz port from where I’m staying.

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