Tuesday, 23 May 2017

As it worked out, I planned to tour three of the Elaphiti Islands (elaphiti is the ancient Greek name for deer) near Dubrovnik. I chartered a boat with a local person who will be skipper and guide for the day. Before I left the flat to start the boat trip, I finished packing, washing clothes and cleaning before heading out the door. The plan was to get back to Dubrovnik by 5:00, gather my belongings then meet the new Airbnb host at 6:00 p.m.

Was out the door at 8:30 to meet up with the boat skipper, Kreso. We met at the port marina shortly before 9:00 and were on our way. His English was not so good (and my Croatian non-existent), but we managed. I suggested coffee at our first stop to have more time to discuss the rest of the day. Yes, I should have just sat back and enjoyed the ride, but that isn’t me. I like to know where I’m going and what to expect.

We stopped for coffee at the first island, Kolocep. A small island with an area near the marina for local people and tourists. Around 200 live on the island. After coffee. and a walk through the island we left for the next island, Lopud. I took some pictures of the island and a small chapel (from the 10th century) and cemetery.

Lopud is the more populous of the three islands. Had a big hotel with another on the way. Here we stopped for lunch. The server put bibs on us – good for pictures but not to wear. Our order of fish was easy to eat.

Kreso (pictured below) said this restaurant had the freshest food. All probably caught in the morning.

I had a seafood dish, Gregada, that was a specialty of the area. Kreso had a pasta seafood dish. The bread was great – well, at least the white bread (flour and corn meal), but the dark break (after translation) was made of squid ink.

Squid ink bread. I did try it….

After lunch I took a walk and Kreso returned to the boat for a post-lunch siesta. He confessed he was out the night before and perhaps still a little hung over.

The beach of Lopud and the new hotel.

The next island was very small and only a few residents. We had some coffee at the local coffee shop and talked some more about Croatia and Dubrovnik. I didn’t take any pictures.

I took pictures as we entered the Dubrovnik harbor. And another of the Dubrovnik bridge.

After we docked, Kreso drove me to my flat to meet my host’s helper, who happened to be my driver and guide from Saturday, Josip. After gathering up my belongings, and saying good-bye to Anna too, we headed to my new flat. Josip was kind to help carry my larger suitcase down the stairs. His care was being worked on nearby, so was (sort of) convenient for him.

I met my new host, Ana, and said good-bye to Josip. Ana, who I found out was from Estonia, showed we around the flat, a very modern place with all the conveniences. I couldn’t wait to lay down and take a nap. 8 hours of touring, and the boat ride, really wore me out.

Later I woke and visited the local market, returned and then warmed up some (pre-made)┬átortellinis and sauce. Then I unpacked. By the time I started to write my daily journal, it was time for bed. It was before 10:00, but I was tired! Tomorrow I’ll rest.



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