Monday, 22 May 2017

 What was lost has been found!

While doing the wash this morning, I pulled the clothes out of the washer and found my sunglasses! Guess I put the glasses in my shirt pocket and forgot about them. It was just like saying hello to an old friend when I saw them.

Once I finished hanging up the wash I left to mail a package, eat lunch, add some money to my phone’s account, and make arrangements to move to a new Airbnb tomorrow. (Reminder: I couldn’t decide which Airbnb to reserve so reserved both the two I liked. One has a view and the other is down by the port.)

Today I decided to try out the bus system. Josip, my guide from Saturday, showed me the nearby bustop. The bus goes right by the old town for the equivalent of $1.75. My back has been hurting a little and have not been walking as much.

At lunch I looked up at the people walking the wall of the Old Town. I’ll get up there one of these days before I leave.

So many stairs…

After lunch (had a tuna salad again) and mailed the package I walked back. Back was starting to hurt as I walked back. Stopped off at the phone store and added more minutes to my phone. Took it easy and rested a few times while walking. Just need to take an Aleve when I get back to the flat and I’ll be good as new.

My boat will show up at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, so will get packed and ready to move when I return later in the afternoon. I would have liked to have done the boat tour on Wednesday, but the weather is questionable on that day. I don’t want to be out on the open sea in a small boat if the weather turns bad.


Though I’d document how I make coffee each morning. I use an Aeropress – something that I found a few years ago. I was looking for a coffeemaker that would be easy to use and produce good coffee – plus I could take with me when I travel.

The Aeropress is really just three items: the container that holds the coffee and water, the screen (and paper filter) that hold in the ground coffee, and the plunger.

First, I put a paper filter into the screen, then fit onto the container. I put 3 heaping teaspoons of ground coffee into the container. While the hot water is heating, I add a little sugar in the coffee cup. When the water is boiling, pour the water into the container and stir for around 10 seconds. Then take the plunger (with rubber seal) and press down to push the water through the coffee. The result is some really strong coffee. I add some hot water so it isn’t too strong. Then add milk. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. I generally pack some ground coffee with me. If in a hotel, there is generally a kettle and most of the flats I stay in already have a kettle. The milk and sugar I can buy anywhere or the hotel provides.

Screen and paper filter:

Add sugar to cup:

Add coffee to container:

Put container on coffee cup:

Add water to container, then put plunger onto container. Then press.







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