Sunday, 21 May 2017

It was a French Toast morning. First at 6:30 and then again at 9:00. I was having dreams about eating French Toast and woke early to make a small batch, returned to bed, and fixed the rest later at 9:00.

Last night I prepared the batter (guess that is what you’d call it) of six eggs, milk, cinnamon, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Having some day-old bread, I cut up the bread and placed into a pan where I then poured on the batter and placed in the refrigerator. About an hour later, I checked on the progress of the batter soaking into the bread and almost all of the batter was soaked up. By bedtime, the batter was completely soaked up. Six eggs!

To cook, I put butter in a pan and turned up the heat to medium high. Then put in the toast after the butter melted and keeping an eye on the toast to make sure it doesn’t burn. While the toast is cooking I turn on the oven. When the toast is done, I put into the oven for 5 – 10 minutes to make sure the toast is cooked all the way through.

If available, I use peanut butter as a topping. Having no peanut butter, I spread on butter. And there you have it…

Early afternoon, I prepared to walk down to the terminal area where the cruise ships dock to check out my next Airbnb, have lunch, and buy a few items at the market. On my way out I stopped and spoke with my neighbor, Anna – the one who encouraged me to buy a hat. We had another interesting conversation. She told me a little about the where bombs fell in the neighborhood during their civil war, the storm last night, cataract surgery, the harsh winter and which trees are now dead, needing a new roof, neighborhood boy who was pronounced dead for 10 minutes, where to put the garbage, her cell phone, new technology, her cherry tomato plants, the languages she speaks. All very interesting! We said our good-byes and I walked down to the terminal. One of the reasons I was walking down there was a test run when I move on Tuesday. Given the short distance, I’ll need to roll my suitcase down there and wanted to find the best way to go and avoid the stairs. There are stairs everywhere! Almost like an Escher painting.

I texted both my current and future Airbnb hosts and made arrangements for Tuesday. At this point, these moving arrangements are temporary but will finalize tomorrow after I have a look at the weather forecast. I’ve scheduled a boat tour of the islands for either Tuesday or Wednesday – weather permitting.

For lunch I had a small salad with a few small pieces of toast with a truffle spread and topped with new cheese. Very filling! I’ll probably have a late dinner.

When I got back home I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Nap time!

This evening I’ll get my clothes ready to be washed in the morning. Tomorrow I’ll do the wash then walk over to the old city and check into the logistics of walking on the city walls.



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