Saturday, 20 May 2017

No sleeping in this morning. Josip (my guide for today) is planning to be here at 8:00 a.m. and would expect him to be a little early. That being the case, I was ready at a little before 8:00. Showered, dressed, drank coffee and ate yogurt with banana and bread. Dishes washed too.

I was ready when, at 7:57, Josip texted me to say he was waiting outside. I had packed my small bag with water, sunglasses, suntan lotion, etc. not knowing what I’d need for the next 5 or more hours.

As we drove away we got acquainted and headed towards Cavtat, 30 minutes south of Dubrovnik. After parking, we had a walk around the nearby peninsula then had some coffee in a shop facing the marina. From there, we continued to drive and parked again at Srebreno, a small village with a bit of history. I took a picture of the clear water and also a map showing nearby towns including Zupa Dubrovacka, a suburb of Dubrovnik. (Map not included.)

Along the way, Josip spoke about local culture, history and his family. This was precisely why I asked for a local person to drive me around. Difficult to get this level of detail from a tour group. Josip was very forthcoming with his information and provided just enough detail to make it interesting and informative.

Another stop along the way to take pictures.

We returned to Dubrovnik to first make a stop somewhere where I could transfer some funds. We eventually ended up at the Post Office to complete the transaction. From there we headed towards the other end of town and crossed the fairly new Dubrovnik Bridge where I could see the Ombla River and the Mokosic settlement. (Dubrovnik Bridge looks much like the Tilikum Bridge in Portland). We also drove up to see the source of the Ombla River which is a spring originating from, I think, the wall of rock nearby.

Josip took me to a couple of favorite places where we enjoyed the view of the Dubrovnik area. You can tell that the tourist season is beginning with increased activity in the port and marina. The hotel he took me to was high above the city and we enjoyed coffee and cake – then to another place down by the harbor. At this last location, there was a bar within a cave which might be fun to visit at night. We then sat outside at a table and continued our conversation while we enjoyed ice tea and lemonade.

Cafe Bar More:

Took some pictures while we sat and enjoyed the view.

By this time I had been over 6 hours of driving around and talking. I had accumulated so much information about the local life in Dubrovnik and Croatia as well. I shared with Josip that he continuously exceeded my expectation for this tour.

After we departed, I was tired and needed to rest. Perhaps with was the combination of coffee, tea, and cake? After my nap I was hungry and left for a visit to the store to buy eggs, bananas, and oranges. Then stopped by to pick up a pizza at La Luna, and a loaf of bread at the nearby bakery.

I had a leftover beer in the refrigerator which I drank while eating half of the pizza. Then was still tired and tried to sleep again. No such luck. A major thunder and lightning storm was ramping up and was entertained with the flashes of lightning and the boom of thunder. This lasted for nearly an hour. Meanwhile, I finished my daily journal post and prepared french toast for the morning.

Forgot to include a picture I took yesterday. While in Cyprus I had the impulse to buy a key chain – not sure why, but I did. When I arrived at my current Airbnb, I was given a key with no key chain. So far, think I’ve had a key chain or ring of some sort attached to the key – more difficult to misplace the key. Perfect! I now have a use for the key chain – which happened to have my name on it.  “The World According to Philip” Nice!

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