Thursday, 18 May 2017

After all of the walking yesterday, actually felt good this morning when I woke up and moved about. Pretty good for a 63 year old! Light breakfast of coffee, hand-squeezed orange juice, slice of bread and yogurt with banana. Now that the kitchen sink’s water is now flowing (had problems yesterday) dishes were washed before leaving for the day.

Some pictures below from the concert last night. The concert was in a little church just inside the main gates. The inside of the church was simple and comfortable. I couldn’t get the whole alter in one picture, so divided into two. Also pictures of two other churches within the Old City.

Continuing with the morning of the 18th…

While getting ready, I noticed that my prescription sunglasses were missing. After looking around I realized it must have been yesterday, when sitting down on a park bench, I took them off and put on my regular glasses so I could better see the pictures on my phone. I knew that switching back and forth would be a problem and that my sunglasses would eventually turn up missing. Rough when you’re right, but I probably didn’t care enough about the glasses in the first place. My eyesight is only poor for reading fine print and I wear my regular glasses out of habit. I retraced my steps this morning to see if anyone picked them up. Nope.

Onward I went with my non-prescription sunglasses to the Old City. Just slightly cooler today so I didn’t sweat too much. When I got to the Old City I was hungry for lunch. Yes, two hours ago I had breakfast but a small salad would be nice. Just to sit and enjoy the view of the sea and rest after the walk.

After lunch I walked around the Old City again and got an ice cream cone (chocolate) for dessert. The cone cost the equivalent of $1.50 US and it was a big one scoop cone. From there, the plan was to take the cable car (tram) up to the big hill behind Dubrovnik.

Picture below shows one of the side streets. Many stairs everywhere!

Below is a view of the Old City’s port.

It was a bit of a walk to get around the Old City to the cable car platform. When I got there the cable car looked very familiar. It was the same technology and design as the OHSU tram. The cars that hold the passengers was different, but that was all. The cars even swung a little, like the OHSU tram, when passing over the main support.

View of the hill where the cable car (tram) runs up to.

Glad I went up today. The weather was clear and I now have an excellent perspective of the city and the surrounding waters. Also a view of what is behind the hills of Dubrovnik.

Picture of the Old City (below).

Behind the hills of Dubrovnik

Two more views of the Old City.

View of the end of town where I’m staying.

Picture of the marina while I was walking back. (I’m moving to be near where the large ship below is anchored.)

Walked back and was exhausted when I arrived through the door. I was sweating from head to foot. So tired! After I got settled, I took a 90 minute nap. From there I got dressed and went to the store for some beer and bread, then stopped by the pizza place and ordered another pizza. The pizza lasts two dinners ($12.00 total).

Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight. Actually, feel I could sleep now and it is only 9:30 p.m.  (14,598 steps today. 5.71 miles)

Last night, after I published my update, I took a look at the counts for the site. Looks like someone did some binge reading. Note the blue spike on the right side of  the chart below. Some other minor “binge reading” over the past couple of months, but the one from yesterday gets some bonus points (read about 180 days of my writing). I can’t tell who this was but would be interested to hear their feedback.



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