Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I woke much earlier than the time set on my phone’s alarm. Perhaps I could get another 45 minutes of sleep? Nope. Got up and started the day. Coffee, shower, pack, and clean. By 5:15 I was about 100% complete, so relaxed while confirming readiness to leave for the airport.

At 5:45 I walked out of the flat, put the keys in the lobby mailbox then saw that my taxi driver was also early and waiting for me outside. Excellent! Got an early start for the airport!

The taxi driver’s English was not very good, but we were able to have a little conversation while riding to the airport. Nice to arrive early and not feel rushed. Was able to check my suitcase and then have a coffee and blueberry muffin before heading to the gate. Going back to an earlier post, I now keep reminding myself to “check, check, and double-check” – otherwise I’ll mindlessly go through the motions of the airport security process and getting on the plane. This is where in the past I’ve misplaced, dropped, or forgotten things (nothing important) in the past.

My first flight was to Athens, a two hour layover, then from Athens to Dubrovnik.

On the way to Athens I sat next to a man to from London. Found out that he had a couple of Airbnb flats of his own and we discussed best places to live in London. We took pictures of a few Greek islands from the plane. (Have no idea which islands they were – Google says there are 6,000 islands.)

Was an easy wait in the Athens airport. Many places to shop, eat and relax. I moved around to pass the time then headed for my gate to prepare for departure to Dubrovnik.

No jet for this flight – we are going to Dubrovnik on a prop plane. Aegean Airlines was my carrier for this flight. For some of this flight it was a little rough, but as we got closer to Croatia, we saw blue skies and the flight was very smooth.

Landed in Dubrovnik, picked up my luggage, got cash from an ATM and then headed outside to find a taxi. My phones were having trouble picking up a signal so asked the taxi driver to call my Airbnb host to get directions and let them know that I was on my way.

A beautiful drive from the airport to the city. Had no idea how beautiful it was here. From the sea to the mountains, each turn of the road showed me more of the area that I was going to explore over the next couple of weeks.

Had a good tour of the flat from a friend of my Airbnb host (who couldn’t join us) and also some ideas of what to do while I was staying in Dubrovnik. He will also see about finding a driver for me to explore the area and also some boating options to nearby islands and perhaps a trip up to Split.

After he left, I then immediately proceeded to find the nearest VIP phone store (they are affiliated, from what I heard, with Vodafone) so I can use my phone away from the flat’s WiFi service. I also did some grocery shopping as well to stock up with some necessities like bread, milk and orange juice.

By the time I got back to the flat I was tired, hot, and sweaty. While I have a nice view from the flat, this also means that there are many steps from the harbor area where the shops are located. This will definitely help me get into shape.

I was so tired and took a nap before thinking of what to do next. When I woke up it was starting to get dark. The host’s friend said that there was a pizza shop nearby that served some of the best pizza in Dubrovnik. Sounded good to me! Was a 5 minute walk to the shop where I ordered a Hawaiian pizza and had a beer while I was waiting. On the way back, I took a picture of the sunset. (Perhaps tired, but thought the cloud in this picture sort of looks like the Greek island in the picture posted above.)

Was in bed by 11:30.


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