Sunday, 14 May 2017

Another sunny day in paradise. Get up, pour coffee and look out the windows at the city and the Mediterranean. Then open the door to the balcony and feel the sea breeze clear out the stale air of the flat. Really! It is that nice!

I really don’t have much planned for today. Thought about taking a walk to¬†Mackenzie Beach which is just beyond¬†Finikoudes Beach near me. Also needed some items from the store.

After getting ready I left for Mackenzie Beach. Still not crowded on the beach but guess it isn’t high season yet for Larnaca. More people than in any Egyptian resort. Had a good walk and saw a number of restaurants along the shore. From there I walked over to the SMART Market nearby. On the way, I passed St. Lazarun Church.

This is what I found out about this church from Wikipedia:

This important religious institution of Larnaca was built in 9th century A.D. Devoted to St. Lazarus, he is said to have lived in Kition for about 30 years after his resurrection by Christ. It is believed that the church is erected upon the empty grave of the saint, who is actually buried in France. Eight days before Easter, the icon of Saint Lazarus is carried in a procession through the streets of Larnaca.


After walking by this 9th century church, felt a little younger. After finishing with the shopping I headed back to the beach. On the way I took pictures of some flowering bushes in people’s yards.

Away from the beach, there is little wind and you can really start feeling the heat. Was looking forward cooling off by the sea.

There was some sort of dance competition happening when I arrived at the shore. They looked like middle school kids – perhaps from a dance school. In any case, they attracted a crowd of several hundred and everyone seemed to enjoy the performances.

Thinking about packing tomorrow for my next stop: Dubrovnik. Think I’ll have to stay longer next time I’m in the area of Cyprus.



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