Saturday, 13 May 2017

I’ve decided that my stay on Cyprus is going to be (and has been) low key and would act like the retired person that I am. Enjoy the view, the people, the sea, etc.

Just a few items on my list for today – and at the top of the list is to get a pedicure. Also need a few things to make a batch of chicken noodle soup tonight.

Thought I saw a place nearby to the flat that does pedicures but when I walked by I saw they had closed. I still had to visit the market so maybe I’ll see a place to get a manicure along the way. As it turns out, right across the street from the market was an attractive shop that does nails, so went inside an asked for an appointment. They could fit me in at 3:00 – which was several hours away, but that was okay. Went across the street, did my shopping and returned at 3:00.

After several years of getting pedicures, I’ve had a variety of people do the work. Now when I sit down, before they do anything, we get clear on my expectations – which I think most are okay with this. Good to know what makes your customer happy. She did a nice job and I was happy with the result.

Back at the flat, I had made the stock earlier while waiting for my pedicure appointment, so all I had to do was put everything together. Haven’t tired (yet) of making or eating chicken noodle soup. Why make it so often? Three reasons: I like the soup, its healthy, and the ingredients are easy to find.

After dinner I went for a walk down on the promenade that stretches from the marina up along the coast. Many people are out in the evening with friends and family. Almost as busy in the evening as you would find during the day.

Felt like having an ice cream cone and got myself a chocolate sorbet cone. I’ve been taking walks at night and this town is a great place to stretch your legs. I took a picture of the promenade this evening. (See below.)

Along the walk I saw someone who was charging 2 Euro for a glimpse of Jupiter. I kept walking and thought I would probably stop for a look a Jupiter on my way back. When I did return there were two other people in line ahead of me. We all talked for a bit. I learned that not everyone calls the second planet from the sun, Venus. Many in this part of the world call this planet Aphrodite. I’d never seen a planet through a telescope before. Very interesting! Guess I expected that the colored stripes of Jupiter would be at a right angle and saw that the planet was tilted, probably like Earth? I took a picture of his sidewalk advertisement and of him and his telescope.


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