Thursday, 11 May 2017

The day started off well enough. Enjoyed the morning sun while watching the harbor and marina. Something seemed a little “off” but didn’t think more about it. Just thought about what I wanted to do for the rest of the day.

It had been a few days since I was at MacDonald’s so went there for a quick lunch. The chicken soup has been good for dinner and a bowl of yogurt with some bread satisfied my morning food needs. Just needed something more.

While I was eating my cheeseburger I noticed my phone was not getting an internet connection. Thought that was resolved yesterday with the new SIM card. Probably didn’t notice the lack of internet since I walked directly back home and used the WiFi in the flat. Guess I’ll have to go back to the store and ask. Probably something simple. ¬†(Meanwhile: the process of ordering two cheeseburgers and a bottle of water was an interesting adventure in miscommunication and wrong assumptions – but I’ll not include the details here.)

When I returned to the store to ask about the SIM card, the store clerk from yesterday said there was nothing more that he could do. He directed me to the MTN (the service provider, like Vodafone) store where I could ask for help. The store was only a few blocks away. When I arrived, I noticed that MTN and Cytamobile had stores side-by-side. Turns out that the SIM card was only good for voice and had no data available. I paid for data and the problem was solved. After struggling with SIM cards for the past couple of days, I was just happy to have Internet service while I’m walking around. Lesson Learned: Never ever get a SIM card from a convenience store or kiosk – always find the company-owned outlet store and have them install and test for you.

When I returned home, I took another shower. I’ve been hot, tired, and hungry most of the day. It seemed (or so it seemed) that my day was not coming together. I try to go “with the flow” and it was like swimming upstream and not making any progress. Could I start the day over?

I had taken some pictures and was in the process of transferring from the phone to the laptop. First, the laptop wouldn’t connect to the phone and then, after some fiddling around and got the connection to work, I couldn’t find the pictures I just took today via the laptop. I could see them on the phone. This process, which I do most every day, was going downhill quickly.

While I didn’t have many pictures on the phone, I decided to pull everything off the phone and back it up. Maybe freeing space would help. Again, was getting errors and the laptop would time out. After struggling with this for about an hour, I was satisfied that I got the pictures off the phone and everything was backed up. I took another shower.

The first picture (below) was sunset from last night. I get both sunrise and sunset views from the flat. Also want to show how nice it is to dry laundry on the balcony. (Dries in record time thanks for the gentle breeze and a little sun!)

Down by the beach you can enjoy the sun and sea. I also took a picture of the building where I’m staying.

The next pictures ¬†kind of evolved. First I noticed a picture of a guy in an ad looking around the building. Then noticed two guys watching something on a laptop from the hood of a car. Perhaps the guy in the ad was trying to see what was being watched on the laptop. See? Just being a little goofy. I’ve included the overall picture, then a picture of just the guy in the ad and the two guys watching the laptop.

While texting with the Airbnb host this evening, he invited me for coffee tomorrow in Limassol where he is currently living when not in Larnaca. I’ll look forward to this adventure. (Now need to figure out how to get from here to there.)

Later in the evening I saw that the moon was near the horizon. I thought the moon was setting so I rushed out the door to get a better picture from the shoreline. After about 15 minutes I couldn’t figure out why the moon was not at the horizon – then realized that the moon was rising. The picture below really doesn’t capture the beauty of what I saw. What a great way to end the day!


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