Wednesday, 10 May 2017

I’m now understanding the saying, “I need a vacation from my vacation.” Or something like that. I thought my time in Hurghada was restful – Sharm El Sheikh was more so. This was a good demonstration what happens when you retire and you don’t have anything that is challenging to keep your mind occupied. If I was a gear, I’d be in 2nd gear (out of 4) – but will need to rev it up over the next few days.

I can sum up Sharm El Sheikh with these following activities:

Wake up
Call Room Service to bring coffee and croissants
Read email and news
Shower and dress
Let driver know time for pick up
Meet up with driver
Eat lunch
Drive around and view sites
Return to room
Happy hour
Watch boats come in from daily tours
Decide on dinner
Order dinner and eat
Watch movie(s)

Sounds like a full day. Somewhere, among all of these important activities, I finalized plans for Cyprus and Croatia. I can remember back in the early 90’s I took a couple of relaxing vacations, but this one (Hurghada too) topped them all. Egyptians are very helpful and patient – which makes the experience so much better. Hussein told me what I needed to know and where I needed to be. Now I’m on my own in Larnaca.

Side Note: Travel to an Egyptian resort is easy on the pocketbook. Daily: $85 for a executive room, taxi $25, and food is $30.

Below is Cyprus in relation to Egypt. I see that Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon are near Cyprus – but I’ll plan that trip next year. A friend of mine is traveling to these countries (not sure about Lebanon) right now and will give me his travel tips as I am giving him contacts for when he travels to Egypt later this week.

Today I went out in the afternoon sun (90 degrees) to buy coffee and detergent for washing clothes. Also found a SIM card that works in my phone. Walked a little on the promenade before returning to the flat. I’ll return to the promenade again when the sun goes down later. Amazing to look out the windows and see the Mediterranean. The picture below is one I took this morning.

When I walked along the promenade this afternoon, I took these pictures. Two of the promenade, looking in both directions, and another was a view to the sea. 

In the next couple of days, I’ll take a bus and arrange some travel along the coast by boat. Now I’ll need to figure out which bus, where, and when. That will give me something to do. Ha!

I have clothes in the washer and have plenty of chicken noodle soup for dinner. Last night I found out how to connect my laptop to the TV, so I can watch something on Netflix tonight.



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